Saab, Youngman and Pang Da to Sumbit Plan to NDRC within 30 days

This news coming to us from China Car Times, who report that the plan while not public yet will be submitted to China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) within the next 30 days. The NDRC as you recall oversees all overseas investments totaling over $100 million USD and approves or shoots down plans for major business developments in the Chinese market.

According to CCT, the three way joint venture will be majority controlled by Youngman with 34% and Saab and Pangda each taking 33%, and the board of directors will be made of up 5 people with 2 coming from Saab, 1 from Youngman and 1 Pangda representative making it to the table (leaving room for one outsider, Antonov perhaps?).

While this is light on new news, it gives us a good sense of whether or not Saab is sticking to its timeline for a mid September regulatory approval. With this bit of news, it seems like that is indeed still on track.

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29 thoughts on “Saab, Youngman and Pang Da to Sumbit Plan to NDRC within 30 days”

  1. Encouraging….going tobe a long month, much speculation, rumour and mis-reporting. I think we can all just take a back seat and trust VM and Team Saab to ‘do the business’. Good luck to all involved – this is the lifeboat we need in this stormy sea.

  2. Thanks for the nod. Not sure ‘within 30 days’ for submission and ‘mid September approval’ are necessarily in agreement, however; is the NDRC that fast? On this timescale, they might not get the proposal in before the end of August! But it is good news that something is moving along!

    • I’d expect that Youngman knows what they are doing and that they will present a plan that makes it easy for the NDRC to approve. And do not forget that they were the preferred partner. So there is hope and it’s good to see that things are moving.

    • If we are to believe this, then Antonov was left outside already before Spyker showed interest in Saab, let alone applied for any EIB loan.

      Very strange, unless I am totally wrong on the timing of course.

    • What the hell is going on?? That article would appear to suggest that the EIB loan was only granted on the agreement that Antonov would not be financally involved in the company and we know the loan was granted way back in 2009. So why have both VM & Antonov been saying all this time that Antonov would be Saabs saviour if only he would be allowed in? Both of them must have known that there was no way that Saab could clear the EIB loan in order for that to happen, so why have they kept saying it?
      And why only yesterday did the government say that no one had made a decision about Antonov, when according to the EIB it was made nearly 2 years ago?

      In the UK, we having saying that “someone has been telling “pork pies” (lies)”. I don’t think any of us are truely going to know the complete state of affairs at Saab until we find out who’s been cooking them up. From where I sit, I don’t think anyone; Muller, Antonov, the Swedish Government, or the EIB haven’t got some pastry on their shirts.

      • I am not going to point a finger at any specific person or agency becasue I think many could be the ones who would be pointed at, but I think it is very poor that the employees have been fed information and hopes that have been quite clearly incorrect.

  3. An agreement with Chinese NDRC will never happen before Saabs production have started, and where is the money for that?
    NDRC is not allowed to make business with companies that’s not ín order.

    • I think your name gives a clue as to your life views?.

      I actually beieve the Chinese will understand very well that what Saab needs is a confidence boost and that production will not now start at all until they are on board with serious money – the creditors are lining up and the race is on for China to get everything lined up for a takeover before the white vans start turning up and taking assets away (remind you of GM times, eh?)

  4. One thing is now abundantly clear – Saab has no immediate future without the serious involvement of the Chinese. But what if the NDRC scuppers the deal? It might give us something positive to think about in the meantime if we could conceive of a ‘Son of Saab’ company that could arise from the ashes and satisfy the obvious demand from serious enthusiasts, whilst turning a profit for itself.

  5. It is sad to say but I am under the impression that the Chinese option is the last one before pulling the plug…..Especially after the bad news about VA….

  6. Ok, this is big news. This confirms that there is a solid interest from the Chinese companies. The good thing is that we are talking about a pretty well defined and short time frame. Within 30 days probably means that they need to finalize the draft and send it in ASAP.

    Lets just hope that Saab can finance it’s existence until the NDRC have approved the deal.

    • I am not so sure they can finance it´s existence that long. Think about it….on the 25th of August… money for the workers must come up from somewhere. I don´t know if any money comes into the company from the 9-4x-sales in the US. Maybe it could help since no cars are leaving the factory in Trollhättan now. This will be difficult…..very difficult….so the chinese will have to hurry up…..I know…negative thoughts most of it……but we have to be realistic too….. 🙂 1½ month is a long time to survive

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