6 Aero Convertibles on TV.

My friend Martin who works at Concept Saab in Cardiff (www.concept-cars.co.uk) sent me an email about a game show just the other day.

Concept Saab was asked if they could provide Saab Convertibles that could be shown in a Welsh Speaking Game Show.

Naturally this gives the cars a lot of exposure which some of the attached pictures will show. I thought it might be a bit of light relief for Saabs United readers to look at. If you live in the UK you can follow the Link to the show which is called Ar Gamera. Yes it is all in welsh but a hit of the mute button may resolve any frustrations in not being able to understand it. For those that can not open the link you could try entering Ar Gamera into Utube.



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900 classic cab

Keep showing them, eventually people will buy.

jet black

Sorry, your link doesn’t work outside the UK 🙁


I’ve no problems with the link (http://www.concept-cars.co.uk/ ) and I’m in Sweden.


Damn.. Didn’t saw the other link to the show.
Yes.. it’s not available in Sweden.

Peter Gilbert

I am having no problem here in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA. I am using Opera 11.50 Browser.

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