A mixed bag updated

I don’t know if this is the right expression, but I think this post should have interesting things for anybody.

So let us begin with the best. I though I could beat Swade in posting further pictures, but he is the best and while I was writing this he has already posted another article on InSaab 2011.

Nevertheless, for the Saab lovers.
A big collection of IntSaab pictures and some short clips of the Saab performance Team.

For the rest… (with an update)

After a very silent day, it seems like the Saab management is going to talk in the next days.

Tim Colbeck is going to Talk at the MPG’ August Luncheon. The MPG is the Motor Press Guild but I don’t know what a luncheon could be?!?!

Here some snippets.

Motor Press Guild (MPG), the largest automotive media association in North America, is delighted to announce Saab President and COO Timothy Colbeck as the guest speaker at the next MPG luncheon at The Proud Bird restaurant in Los Angeles on Tuesday, August 9, 2011, from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Colbeck’s remarks will provide MPG members with greater detail on why Saab had to recently stop production, and also highlight what the company is doing to avoid such drastic circumstances again.

Colbeck will focus on Saab’s business strategy following its departure from General Motors and acquisition by Dutch niche carmaker Swedish Automobile, along with insight on why he joined Saab during such a tumultuous period in the company’s history.

And while Mr Colbeck seems to be in the USA Mr Muller is staying in Sweden.

GP reports that Mr Muller will hit (I love you Google.) meet the Unions on Wednesday.

In that article there is also some light on the meeting last Sunday between Saab and Pang Da.

– It was a step in the process leading up to the NDRC said yes to the deal, says Saab’s CIO Eric Geers but would not comment on what was said at the meeting.

But good news on Saab need also a little bit of drama, thus GP is already anticipating the next financial bottleneck for Saab.

But Saab’s problems are acute. Taxes and fees must be paid on Friday and about 100 cases are piling up on the enforcement table. 14 of them are on appeal.

– On August 16th is the due date for the two of them, said officer Tommy Barkman.

If I may quote till72:

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” Churchill

The hell is not over but Saab keeps walking!!!

Saab has reached an agreement with IAC.
This is important because IAC is a big supplier of Saab and because one of the biggest requirements at the Enforcement Agency comes from IAC.

Anyway, good news !!

20 thoughts on “A mixed bag <em>updated</em>”

  1. Thanks Red J!
    So many nice pictures of so many nice looking Saabs that I almost got confused about what models and colours to prefer… 🙂
    But the green and the black 93 side by side on picture 56… Very beautiful !!

  2. That’s a great collection of images, indeed. More complete than my own. So many cars, so many people to talk to and jobs to do, and so little time. Great to have others out there carrying the load with you.

    I’ll have more tomorrow, including a very focused pictorial special to keep things rolling along.

    • Swade, I feel the need to thank you for the good news on Saab’s situation. Although what you wrote was vague, it did give me hope for Saab. And I needed that.

  3. Good to see positive things like IntSaab.

    On the business side it’s still tough but things are moving. I am quite sure that everybody in the Saab management knows where the priorities are and is quite focussed on getting things done. Go Trolls, make us proud!

  4. I feel bad for Colbeck, like he was tricked into responsibility / this situation.

    Also I don’t fully understand the theme of thinking that Saab just need to ride this storm through when there in fact is no end to the storm, just an escalating one. For every day that goes without nothing happening the chances of getting the tremendous amounts of money needed to pay back EIB to let Antonov in deminishes even further. And with the financial crisis now occuring I assume it will only make things more impossible. Also I suspect that many important engineers at Saab have started to look for jobs elsewhere (read Volvo) which may cause considerable damage even if the financial problems somehow gets solved.

    But of course, I hope I’m wrong and that things will get better…

  5. .
    I Hope Tim Colbeck does not choke on his Lunch, but should be an interesting meal & talk.

    I would have thought VM would have done this, but be has hidden away recently……..!!

  6. Love the anticipation of SOC 2011 which is minutes from my house in Parsippany NJ. My wife bought a little tent for me which will protect the rear hatch area of my 1980 900 5 door for socializing with friends come rain or shine – hopefully the latter. Can’t wait for the good news which is around the corner for our favorite little car company, too, notwithstanding a less than stellar day on Wall St.

    • I am looking forward to being there too, but wouldn’t you know it….first my ’71 Sonett (that I had hoped to bring) is not currently road worthy enough to go all the way to New Jersey and then today my 2000 9-3 stalls out on the way home from work, so have to get that problem solved before leaving for the SOC.

  7. Some great pics from IntSaab. Really enjoyed seeing some really well presented cars.
    Desperate lack of pre 2010 95s however. I wonder why?
    Griffin Up! Cuore Sportivo!

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