A Spanish Saab dealer and FUD on Saab

While one Swedish Saab dealer is closing its doors and another is waiting for better times to sell Saab cars once again in Spain, Dársena Motor, the Saab dealer in Galicia, is moving to a better, newer and bigger building.

Dársena Motors, future dealership

Dársesna Motor belongs to the Breogan Group, which also represents the brands Porsche, Lexus, Toyota, Subaru, Kia and SsangYong in northwest Spain.

Dársena Motor is not only staying with Saab, they are also expanding their investment in Saab.

TV4 likes to spread FUD on Saab, why? I don’t know, but I hope some day they stop spreading lies.

Last week, just after better news about Saab started to spread, TV4 decided to spread the news that the chairman of the supervisory board had increased his remuneration by more than 500%.

This is true, but TV4 forgot to say, that no member of the board has received a cent since January because of the current situation.

You can find this information at inside Saab.

The board members have not received any compensation since January 1, 2010. The new fee will not be paid until Saab Automobile has the entire business up and running again. An independent company was hired to make sure that the remuneration is appropriate and in line with what other similar companies provide their board members.

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This is true, but TV4 forgot to say, that no member of the board has received a cent since January because of the current situation.

It was even January LAST YEAR!

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And that shows how much power the media has regarding which information that is shown to the public.


Or perhaps not last year, JH; a TTELA article says this year, and that seems fair; January this year. Last year the low, this year nothing, and nothing retroactive. I don’t know but sometimes these kinds of remunerations are paid at the end of the year, so the first six months is not much to talk about.

But I know that IS says 2010; I don’t know why the discrepancy.

I agree that TV4 and some other are a complete mess when it comes to journalism.


I’m sick of hearing people discount the effect the press can have on the financial condition of a company. People say to stop blaming the press and that Saab should blame themselves but it is undeniable the effect that that skewed piece of so called news had on Saab. Even Saab “faithful” and dealers turned against the company when they heard these reports. If the people here who know so intimately how the press has twisted the facts for so long fell prey to this propaganda how on earth could the general public at large not fall for it. How… Read more »


. saabluster I agree with much of what you say & I had my say in that post [Board compensations: the facts!]. My only pint that I will make, is that I had my say in that post & Criticised Saab [on the basis that what was said was true]. What I do not think is acceptable, is that Saab took 5 days after that post started, before responding with what appears to be the facts [swade: insidesaab.com}. The statements made by TV4 were indeed an attempt to slander Saab. But honestly if I, or my business had been on… Read more »


“Saab has been trash talked by everyone I can think of […] Saab deserves so much better. They have designed cars based on what works not on the shallow trends of the day. That deserves respect! […] I am beyond disgusted with the way many people in this world have treated Saab but I am even more ticked off that Saab’s own fans have started to turn on them.” +1, 100 % true, I agree. I usually don’t, ehm never, post comments like “me too” or “+1”, even though there have been plenty of very good comments during the last… Read more »


I was this morning in Darsena Motor facilities (at which point I took the photo of the post) and it is admirable that a group of companies bet on the Saab brand to which it is falling. The dealership is next to a Porsche in the same group and will soon open its doors to serve the thousands of saabistas northern Galicia (Spain) En español >> Estuve esta mañana en las instalaciones de Dársena Motor (momento en el que hice la foto del post) y es admirable que un grupo empresarial apueste por la marca Saab con la que está… Read more »


The owner of this dealer has some serious “cojones”!

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