Another 9-3 (Griffin) living in the UK.

After my spotting of a 2012 9-3 SS in the UK yesterday came an email from TonymacUK who is the proud owner of an SE Wagon.

The car is an SE 160 with Parchment leather, with powered seats and Satnav as options. With hindsight wish I`d not bothered with the Satnav (way overpriced, even though I got 10% off) and spent that money on the 180 with seat and leather upgrade. But nevertheless very happy, drives beautifully, looks good!




14 thoughts on “Another 9-3 (Griffin) living in the UK.”

  1. This car is amazing – nice rims, and the color suits it perfectly. I also bought one. The torque is higher that VW GTI or Octavia RS, similar to BMW 330 – pleasure to drive, and it is more exotic than Ferrari California.

  2. Any idea how many 9-3 Griffins have been built so far? Their production period was so short.

    There are only six 9-3 Griffins available on, five of them are convertibles. On, only twelve are ready in the showrooms.

  3. Hi Tony! FAB 9-3SC and great colour choice! The 9-3SC is still my favourite modern SAAB and yours look great! It is a great design and unique in the best of all SAAB traditions. Hopefully things will work out for SAAB and they can make more of these lovely Sport Combi for all of us!
    Best Regards from Chicago, USA

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