At the SOC? Submit Your Pictures! UPDATES!

Just a reminder to everyone at the SOC in Parsippany, if you’re interested in sharing with the entire SU community directly, upload your photos to our gallery! The link is at the top of the page, or you can click here.


SaabsUnited USA License Plate Frame

And congratulations to the first 100 registrants for SOC, the Saab Club of North America generously is giving you the brand new SaabsUnited license plate holders from State of Nine for free! We’d love to see pictures of your Saabs with the new frames attached!

Click past the break to see photos Steve C. exclusively took at a presentation that Reinertsen Motors gave yesterday. If you need a reminder why this company is worth saving, or what we mean when we say the company has a history that can’t just be invented or fabricated that has incredible value.

These are SOC11 photos taken by Paul Ostensen at the Friday 10-12 am tech session held off site at Reinertsen Motors (one of the SOC sponsors), about 5 miles away.  Jack Lawrence of Motor Sports Service was the featured speaker talking about lessons learned from his illustious racing career with building and maintaining race cars based on Saab Sonetts and 96s.
The first two are of Len Schrader’s vintage racing 96s.  The red one is signed by Erik Carlsson.  Len is principal and co-owner of Reinertsent Motors, Denville NJ.

Keep posting pictures everyone!

Though this video originates from IntSaab in Finland, it certainly fits the festival theme.

For more fantastic coverage of all Saab happenings at SOC, stay glued to Inside Saab by Swade. He has some images from the first day, including the 9-5SC that SCNA brought and tweeted about for show and tell.


I believe this is SCNA’s but I could be off…

This deserves its own dedicated page…

More of the 9-5 SC that made the trip to NJ…

And a new shot from the back, proving that it’s really a North American version (note the rear bumper!)

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w3c validator

Yes, the end of SOC for this year.. 😉


No..That was on May 21. It got cancelled


The world MUST see more if those 9-5SCs as they are quite possibly the most elegant wagons on Earth.


+10. Every Saab doubter should take a looong drive in a 9-5 before opening their mouths…
Hope VM got some hi-res. pics of this baby on his Blackberry to remind folks what they’re ready to launch the second the line starts moving.


That aero front bumper should be standard for all 9-5 trim levels. Gotta catch some sleep, up early to drive to Jersey in the morning

w3c validator

Yes. Let the exterior be the same on all cars.. and just let the inside (engine and so on) change. It’s the way BMW is doing it. Would also mean less parts.. less costs..

Red J

Beemers with the big engine have always different kidneys 😉

No 9

Yes it’s SOC and the pictures are from me. I had included a tagline when I uploaded them in the gallery…

Red J

The 9-5 SC is pure beauty, and I even like those 18″ rims more than the turbine ones.

w3c validator

Of yes, that is one beautiful wagon.


omg the 9-5SC !



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