*BREAKING NEWS* : Americans to save Saab *update*

People asked in the last days where Victor Muller was, well it seems like Di found out.

According to DI, a US investor plans to be part owner of Saab.

A major U.S. investor plans to become a part owner of Saab Automobile, which would provide opportunities to organize the plant. It said a source familiar with the Saab to the Financial Times.

Saab hopes that the agreement must be finalized by the end of the week or weekend, according to Di’s source.

Saab’s CEO and chairman Victor Muller has been in the U.S. for almost two weeks and chased capital. He has negotiated with several U.S. investors, writes DI.

“I can confirm that Victor Muller is working hard to provide both long term and short-term capital to create a stable situation for Saab. More than that, I can not comment,” said Ms Gustav from Saab’s information department.

I think this should be the end of the short term solutions. / RedJ

Thanks to Fredrik who sent an e-mail about it, and WD78 who also posted this in a comment. I was just about to make a post of it when I saw that RedJ just had done that. May I ask that before we go speculating in the commentsΒ about this, take aΒ deep breath and keep in mindΒ  that we so far do not know so much about this yet. Hopefully we’ll get more information during the day or weekend!Β / Carl-Henrik


Hey Victor, since I know you read this, give me a call if you need a drink (or some extra caffeine) when you have a chance in NY. πŸ˜‰ -Jeff


Update 20110804-1700 CEST

The Spanish ABC news-site has further news on the “Americans”. Manuel Alcazar, Managing director of Saab Spain, has told to the ABC newspaper that Victor Muller is now closing a contract with an American Investor to take over the EIB loan.

Eric Geers did tell the truth, and nobody asked him the right questions. πŸ˜‰

81 thoughts on “*BREAKING NEWS* : Americans to save Saab *update*”

      • Just a pity that he did not get money from GEM in March and help from other investors to pay suppliers in time… Then Saab would have been in much better shape and maybe JAJ had stayed on board.

        I sincerely hope he can get enough funds to get production started next week as planned, though.

    • Our only current source is this Di article, so we will have to wait till everything is finalized before more information is disclosed.

      • Lets hope this is not yet another false dawn, it would seem that between the Chinese, these rumoured Americans, and GEM there cant be that much room for Victor Muller?

        Strange how the share price dropped drastically yesterday, i wonder what’s going to happen today?

        • Strange how the share price dropped drastically yesterday, i wonder what’s going to happen today

          Unless you’re investing in Swan yourself, I wouldn’t bother to much about the share price these days. This is obviously a purely speculative share and investors sites are all watching SU. All developments posted here are immediately copied to the other fra so TimR and crew be aware that your posts is seriously influencing SWAN’s share price. Price is now up significantly and again the latest developments are being quoted.

          As regards VM – hope that now for once and for all VM will have the benefit of doubt from us SU-regulars. Also when times are tougher (like past months from April until yesterday).

          • Goose,
            we are only bringing, this time, the news from Di (Swedish) to our international audience.

            So yes, you are right, but not this time. πŸ˜‰

          • You have no idea how sensitive we are, or the sensitive info we’re given that we will never, ever report. Red J is merely quoting DI here, not breaking the news as he’s done in other appropriate situations. We all want Saab to survive, but not by manipulating it’s value in any way. We’re just reporting the news as we see it happening, and hopefully everyone gets a more complete picture soon.

          • Hi Jeff and Red, no offence to you guys since i know how discrete you all are. Was only meant to remind everyone that this SU-site has become a serious source of information as it comes to Saab (even when further distributing info published elsewhere). I would take that as a compliment!

      • how do you think would be better? Fall again into hands of some big motoring corporation, like we’ve had it for a long time, or rather find a financing from some investment funds, not connected with motorisation, that is only looking for profit through investing into well managed companys?

  1. There are offcourse not much details – but it seems we can rest assure that V M really try to find an interim solution untill the Chinese investors get their approval.

    The more time, money and effort the Chinese invest the stronger their determination and persistance, this for sure indicationg their commitment.

    Just cursed be the red tape sourounding everything – from the EIB loans to the Chinese goverment foreign investment regulations.

    Realistically the EIB loans must be repaid in order to get the freedom to set-up a new owner structure and recapitalize SAAB. A lot of money up-front and already spent so its a challenge.

  2. I guess that the number one priority for VM is to get out of the EIB dependeny. So I hope that this investor is connected to a major loan that can repay EIB. Once EIB is out of the picture Antonov may also enter which provide even more capital.

    It might just work…

  3. Great news – and I also have to say, I told you so. VM is determined to make this work – for both love and money – all the right reasons.

    SAAB up!

    griffin up ,here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Goose: you have linked to this site before. We know very well what it is, that you hang around there, and there are a few guys on that site who copy paste our articles to a forum! I fail to see that our news have such a significant impact that you claim! I have been monitoring SWAN’s shares for a very long time and we publish news at the same rate as everyone else. You have made your point, more than once now… its enough!

  5. Invest in what? Youngman have not paid in their equity stake as yet , so what would these people be getting for the money. It all sounds so familiar, another white knight coming over the horizon with a bag of money but they never actually stump up the cash! we have been here so many times, it is all spin until there are some hard $$$$$ in the bank!

    • It seems you forgot the Chinese did ‘stomp up their cash’ bij ordering and paying for cars while the factory was at a standstill.

    • Pang Da & Youngman will not be inesting any money in Saab very soon.

      Weird that this news is not mentiond on SU. Only uncomfirmed stories about American cowboys.

      If Saab can’t find an investor to pay its employees in two weeks, it will be forced to start liquidation process. Then its deals with Pangda and Youngman will become invalid completely, but due to restrictive policies by the Chinese government, the two Chinese companies are not allowed to make more investment to save Saab at the moment.

      So Pang Da & Youngman won’t be able to do anything for Saab in the next two or three months.

        • Part of the story indeed. The fact that Pang Da & Youngman aren’t allowed to invest any money (or buy cars!) from Saab until there is a done deal (in 2/3 months) is mentioned nowhere…

          As usual the good news show on SU continues.

          • BoeBoe, let’s just say the reason why were not reporting on that article is because there’s more to the story that ChinaCarTimes doesn’t have, for once that we do. The article gives an incomplete picture. I can’t tell you what exactly I’m talking about, but it I can at least say that this whole American financing picture certainly gives credibility to what I’m hearing. This isn’t the good news show, it’s more the Victor is juggling 30 plates above his head very delicately show. While your tone is usually pretty negative/condescending and could do with a little more sensitivity, you at least bring a reasonable voice to the discussion and I value it. Please stand by, it’s going to start getting very, very interesting.

  6. This is of course great news,,, but lets see how its linked to yesterdays great news & why you do need to worry about the share price Goose.

    The share price first thing this morning was 18.72 & its now 45.30. First of all, most shares will be going through a “dead cat bounce” following yesterdays tumbling prices. What we then need to concern us is the much praised GEM deal from yesterday which is based on the average share price for the next ten days. Any time that the stock stays high, it will raise the average price and therefore lower the amount of shares that will be issued to GEM for the same level of funding.

    If I was GEM this morning I would be very, very keen to find out exactly who this mystery buyer is asap. Because it would be a remarkable coincedence if in 9 days when shares are due to be handed over, it turns out that “terms could not be agreed and the American deal has fallen through,”

    Of course, looking at it another way it would also be a massive coincedence if GEM recieved their shares on the 12th, sold them the same day for a profit because of the discount deal that they got from Saab & because the American deal was cancelled over the weekend, Saab filed for bankruptcy on Monday 15th.

    Remember, these people who are investing in Saab care nothing about the brand. Its like Ecclestone – Murdoch – BBC – Sky F1 deal. All these people see are dollar/pound/euro/Kr signs. If they think they can make a lot of money, they will drop Saab like third-period French. Its nothing personal, its just business.

    • Wow..I thought I was good at speculating.
      Yes, this is business.
      Yes, the people rom GEM will do whatever to make a profit.

      The rest of the investors seems to think that ther is a litle more business in Saab than that.

      Regarding the SWAN stocks, they are a highly volatile stock in a market that can best be described as a bunch of premenstruel brokers hunting for the quickest fix

    • Ah a conspiracy theory that makes sense, that what I was thinking when I asked:

      “Strange how the share price dropped drastically yesterday, i wonder what’s going to happen today?”

      earlier in this thread, it was a very timely article and of course not attributable to Saab.

      • The stock is dropping because GEM has to sell 5 million shares during 15 trading days. They do not intend to keep the shares (never did so in the past).

        By dumping shares they can put pressure the shares price. The price they have to pay is the average closing price during a period of 15 trading days.

        So when the share price is way up (like today) they can sell for that “high” price and the price goed down. And at the end of the day only the end of day share price is used for the calculation of the average. And they also get an extra discount in te shares.

        This is also something GEM did with Tulip Computers (bankrupt) and Sopheon (now a penny stock). GEM is not a knight on a white horse. They enable Saab to pay their wages, but only do this for their own gain (share transactions).

    • @Gawdlpus
      Absolutely right. SWAN is a highly volatile stock with a surprisingly high volume traded. So, buy 100,000 steadily in the market on bad days – start a rumour and make sure that SU hears about it (and presume they will report it) – sell on a rising price for an average gain of 15 cents. => EUR 15,000 gain for a few day’s trading – not a bad short-term return. SU must be very, very careful not to be suckered by false rumours, nor to react to privileged (inside) information. Having said that, IMHO the site seems to be doing a pretty good job of keeping its nose clean so far.

  7. Hmmmm! Summing up, we have an agreement with PangDa and Youngman, still to be ratified. We have Mr. Antonov hovering on the sidelines, through him we GEM`s involvement, and now we possibly have a so far unknown American investor. This becomes more exciting every day

        • Ok, true, I meant Mr Branson as a supposed source of financing, but whatever, it’s all just a speculation, VM is in USA – not connected with any of what we suggested πŸ™‚ Most importand thing, is to find a reliable partner for Saab, to roll the production line again, not only for test, but as a “here to stay”.

          • Can we get rid of these fantasies about Richard Branson or Steve Jobs riding over the horizon to dig Saab out of its mess once and for all please?
            Whoever this American investor is, it is almost 100% another motor company or far more likely a venture capital company that no one on here will have heard of. People on here really do need to be far more realistic about what the situation is.

            And as someone has already pointed out, Virgin is a UK company.

  8. Great news! Way to go! Now I only have to try to change my current employers company car policy in order to lease a SAAB within few next years when the lease of my current Skoda πŸ™ has expired πŸ˜‰

  9. Fingers crossed, plz make this true. Time to get off this crazy rollercoaster and back into positive news feeds. Getting tired of even reading the auto rags with all the new 2012’s w bad press on Saab. I know he was in NYC more than a month ago working on this……tired of losing sales because of naysayers. Even Consumer Reports is saying to stay away. Lost a sale last week because of them to a new non-saaber who was really positive about buying one until she read this. Couldn’t change her mind after she saw this:(

  10. Maybe gm will reinvest. They have the most to lose if others get hold of the ip indirectly or otherwise.

    Plus what they are churning out is pretty good now.

  11. With this promising line up of cars on the road and in the works someone is bound to see a lot of potential in our lovely car company. πŸ™‚

  12. Michael and Grumpy:

    We have never been contacted by, or in contact with, Mr. Muller since the Spyker deal was completed. Never met the man and that remains the case today.

    We have said for a long time, dealers and distribution were the key and placement of the brand early on in a very competitive market was critical. I don’t know much more than anyone today but do know Saab has great products (quality and safety) and a great team. In hindsight, I would have liked to see her to build slowly and conservatively, avoid fancy, and simply let Saab be Saab – good value at a good price. We have all now seen, in reality, turnarounds are very difficult and execution is key.

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