CabrioChallenge 2011

Last weekend Saab Cabriolet owners gathered for the annual Saab CabrioChallenge
It started of 4 years ago with the premier run near and around lake Hjälmaren and northern tip of lake Vättern. I was part of the team then but now it is organized by my buddies Fredrik and Anna. They drive a 200o Saab 9-3 Viggen Monte Carlo Yellow Convertible. The idea from the beginning was an idea to replicate what Saab France had done some years ago a dedicated touring event just with Saab Convertibles. Unfortunateley it has been hard to gather more than 20 cars in Sweden. Lets hope for more cars in the future. The participants this year seams to have had a great time in on the roads of the province of Östergötland 2 hours south of Stockholm on the eastern seaboard. Next year the event will be hosted in the southernmost province of Sweden, Skåne on the eastside in the area of Österlen 18-19th of August. Good luck!

Picture by Miho/Trollhättan

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