Help SU Reader Coggs Fight Cancer *update

Just to let everyone know, SaabsUnited has donated 200 USD to Coggs cause! Fighting cancer is probably one of the most important things we can do in life…

This comes to us from our dear friend who we’re all happy to hear has come through his bout with cancer stronger. Coggs is a frequent SU commenter and many of you know him from his drives and “cruises” he leads around New England. If you could, please help him meet his goal (and bust through it) of $10,000 for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. He’s really close to meeting, and I can tell you myself that Dana Farber is one of those special places that gives patients hope when few others will, and their research benefits those around the world stricken with cancer.

Follow the jump to read Coggs’s story, or just skip straight to the link to donate! He needs your help!

My Pan Mass Challenge recap for my sponsors, present and future!

Ten months ago I was diagnosed with testicular cancer, the same form of cancer that nearly killed Lance Armstrong in 1996.

Nine months ago I was just out of surgery.

Eight months ago I had a needle in my arm undergoing chemotherapy treatments at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.

This past weekend Lance Armstrong and I, both free of cancer, joined 5,400 other cyclists to ride 200 miles across Massachusetts in an effort to help other cancer sufferers have the same second chance we got.

The Pan Massachusetts Challenge (PMC), now in its 31st year, was held to raise funds for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, the very same folks that likely saved my life.  Thanks to the Dana Farber and in no small part the people who have ridden in and sponsored this event over the years I was able to participate.   All in all it looks like the PMC will raise over $37 million for cancer research from just this one weekend.

The ride was an amazing event but as a first time participant I was not prepared for the mix of emotions I experienced over the weekend.  Some were awe inspiring. Some brought you to near tears.

Some thoughts and images that will stay with me for a very long time.

  • A guy riding a tandem with nothing on the rear saddle but a picture of his wife who he lost to cancer this winter.
  • At least three guys who had lost a leg to cancer riding the entire 200 miles.
  • Thousands of people lining the route yelling “Thank you for riding” to every single one of the 5,400 riders.
  • A picture posted on the internet of a rider who was supposed to be riding, but instead was sitting in the Dana Farber chemo infusion center with an IV in his arm.  He was wearing his official 2011 PMC jersey and holding a sign saying “See you next year”.
  • Many signs in front yards along the route saying “A Survivor Lives Here”.
  • A boy along the route holding a sign saying “You saved my life. I’m 14 years old.” It’s the 9th year he has been there holding a sign.
  • A huge number of the cyclists riding with pictures of people they were riding in memory of pinned to the back of their jersey.
  • The “Pedal Partners” tent where there was a long line of riders lined up to get autographs of young kids who are fighting cancer.
  • Riding into a town at 6:15 in the morning only to be surprised my wife and 15 assorted extended family members (many of them sponsors) standing in the rain to greet me. Even after I pedaled off they stood there for another 90 minutes cheering until the last rider passed.
  • Being part of the “Living Proof” group picture of the 310 riders and volunteers who were cancer survivors.
  • Meeting several people who felt Sturbridge to Bourne was not really “Pan Mass” so on Friday they rode an extra 100 miles from the NY/Mass border across the Berkshires to the official start.

To date I have just over $8,500 in sponsor contributions, with a rather significant portion coming from my friends in the Saab Community.  Swade was kind enough to broadcast my appeal as one of his very last acts at the helm of Saabs United and the response was overwhelming.  Thank you all so much.  But they do not close the books on 2011 for another month.  I know SU has many new readers. I’m hoping to pass $10,000 in donations so I still need a little help.

It is doubtful that anybody reading this had not been touched in some way by this disease.  The Dana Farber is a world class facility whose research is used all around the world to give cancer sufferers a new lease on life.  The dollar you pledge may save the life of somebody you know and love no matter where you live.

Hey, I gave my left nut and rode a bicycle 200 miles to fight cancer.  What can you do?  No donation is too big or too small.   Just click the link to read more and for the opportunity to help the cause.

5 thoughts on “Help SU Reader Coggs Fight Cancer *update”

  1. Thanks for posting this Jeff. I mainly wanted to thank the SU readers who already contributed close to $2,000 based on my initial shameless plea Swade was kind enough to post way back in March. You folks did a good thing and I figure you were due an update. Not too late for anybody else who wants to help stamp out this disease. You all have my sincere gratitude.

    • God bless ya, Coggs. I remember this write up. It is great hearing about how it turned up. You, and the SAAB community, are very inspirational.

  2. Hey Coggs, could you please provide me with your PayPal account and SaabsUnited will transfer 200 USD to it as a starting donation from us to you, you may then add it as a donation if you wish or just enjoy life a bit more with that money! =)

    Since we have no credit card connected to that account we could not make a donation directly on the page…

  3. I missed the first post so I’m glad to see this mentioned again – I’m always happy to help a fellow cyclist and Saab enthusiast. That Pinarello is almost as nice a ride as your Saabs!

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