International SaabClub meeting 2011

In this post I wolud like to share my impressions about the IntSaab meeting 2011. It was the second time I visited the IntSaab event and the second time it was a great event. I think everyone somehow involved in Saab Community should visit it!

Many pictures are loaded at different sites, so I will try to load my pictures in the context of the story.

here we go!

The first part of the trip to Ellivuori, Finland was the route Moscow-StPetersburg. Around 700km from my place to the place where my grandmother lives, i started driving at 9am on Thursday. There is nothing special to say about – Saab is perfect on “marathon” distances, so in evening I was at the place where guys from St.Petersburg met to discuss the road to Ellivuori. After a quick chat with them I drove directly to my grandmother’s place to repose myself.

The next mourning (very-veeery early) I woke up in a good mood, I could not wait to start driving towards Finland – 200 km to the Russian-Finnish boarder and then 400 km to the IntSaab.

By the reason of the Friday – the day when russians from nothern region are visiting Finland for shopping and recreation, we discovered a long queue at the passport control. I suppose that EU-citizens likely are unfamiliar with this 🙂 so …


We spent 2,5 hours before we get stamps on our visas and could proceed.

On the roads of Finland I finally could relax 🙂 just set up the cruise control and leisurely drove to the north-west.

At Ellivuori I was very glad to meet a couple from russian city Pskov, Elena and Dmitry with their beautiful Ice Blue 9-3 Cabrio!

The first time I met them was at the IntSaab 2010 in Switzerland – this is a SAABfamily, this is Elena 9-3, Dmitry drives a awesome 99 and their son has a 9000!

I think that many of the participants heard about their adventures, when during the Pre-tour they had left the only key in the trunk and the car had locked 😉

After the accomodation ang quick exploration of the area it was the time for the opening ceremony and dinner, so people gathered to listent to the organizers of the event.

As it was sunny – the dinner was held outdoors – no pictures, because I was very hungry 😉

This the view from my window, very harmonic! Beautiful nature and beautiful cars!

After the dinner my friends and me went to the bar to take a pint of cider with ice! It was a long day!

On Saturday a SAAB rally with question-points to the Nokian Tyres  plant was planned. The sky was covered with rainy clouds (I lost a bet with Petteri Virtanen from Saabclub of Finland – because I was sure that iy would be sunny).

Though I was not very strong with technical questions at question-points, it was very amazing to drive with the road book! So here we are at Nokian tyres plant.

After the rally on gravel  roads we were served with the hot soup from the “army field kitchen” (maybe not the correct word , but that’s how we call this kind of stuff in Russia) – awesome that was what we needed that time!! Thanks Talja for this pic!

At the place where guys from Saab Performance team would make their show, a strange 9-5 was spotted!

Swade also came to see the show. He was so concentrated on the pictures he had made before, that he did not pay any attention to the racing cars around! A real professional :)!

After the show the strange 9-5 turned out to be a 9-4x. In brief about it – I really loved it – my opinion is that this car has all the chances to be a locomotive of Saab, especially in the USA.  I did have it for a test-drive but the very first impression is very good! Quality interior, fresh design – though it’s a bit strange to see the SAAB badge on a SUV – inside it is a 100% Saab!


But for me this car was not my  “car of the event” – I fell in love with this 900 from Netherlands – I don’t know why, maybe because of the colour, maybe becase of the perfect condition.. from one point of view – just a regular family car from 80s, nothing special.., from the other – can you imagine such cars at the dealer now – a car made by designers and engineers not by marketeers.

I gave my voice for this car at the beauty contest. It had not win, but I think the simplicity and at the same time the ingenuity of this car deserve to be noticed. Just the 900! I wich to the owner to preserve this bautiful car!

When we returned back to Ellivuori a fantastic dinner was served!

Members of Saabclubs of different continents cangatulate Finnish Saab Club with their 20th Anniversary, Magic programme, Auction etc, etc, etc….

Next day we continued with the parts and souvenirs market and finally after the lunch the International SaabClub meeting had been closed!

I would like to thank the IntSaab team for such a fantastic event. The amount of work you had done is really impressive! The hospitality you welcomed all the participants was great! thank you very much and I’m proud to be part of Saab Community!

Cheers and see you in Belgium at the InSaab 2012!




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  1. Thank you for this story Valeriy,
    I too love these events even though I could not make this one, but I will be in Belgium

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