IntSaab 2011, day 1. Updated,,,

Well it’s day one in Finland at the IntSaab 2011 event.

We have not had any stories as yet but I did receive one photograph from Dimitri and Fred who have driven their Saab 99 all the way from Switzerland.

Our good friend Swade is in Finland and you can find his report here,

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You know: the oldest SAAB I’ve owned/driven is my current 2007 9-3.

Despite that, I still find myself marveling at the nostalgically glorious site of these classic SAABs out on display.


Yes was nice to see Swade and talk with him few words. Nice event, I just today participated an open meeting ( also for non registered people) So many beautiful, new and old Saabs in a parking lot! Was great to see Saab Performence team show + first time new 9-4 in real.

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