IntSaab 2011 pretour pictures

Petteri has sent us a few photographs from the IntSaab 2011 Pre Tour as it arrived at Paimio Sanatorium

Here are a few pictures from him and a write up about what he saw.

I knew the pre tour before IntSaab2011 would have Paimio Sanatorium ( as one of their waypoints along the route from Ekenäs to Pargas today. Since I live only a couple of kilometers away, I decided to spend my afternoon there, wishing to spot some pre tour participants… and there was plenty!

First it was a little quiet… there was a 9000 Aero from Sweden in the parking lot when I arrived, and some time later a 9-3SS from the Netherlands showed up. I got a chance to have a look at the road book that had been distributed to all participants.
The book contained maps, driving instructions and descriptions of interesting sights along the road. The participants I spoke to seemed all quite happy with the pre tour arrangements. They were on the third day when I met them. The journey had started in Tuesday from Espoo car museum near Helsinki.

Then it became quiet again and I decided to take a walk around the main building and take some photos of this former tuberculosis sanatorium designed in 1930 by Alvar Aalto. When I returned to the parking lot, there were two nice products of the Finnish plant waiting… an OG900 and an OG9-3, both convertibles and both from Germany. Tomorrow, they will return to the place of birth, when the pre tour visits Uusikaupunki.

While I stood there discussing with the German guys, all of a sudden a rush hour started on the tiny parking lot. A group of five cars arrived. First a marble white 99 Turbo from Switzerland, then a 900 Turbo from Latvia, a two-stroke short-nose 96 from Germany, a 9000 from Finland (what was he doing there?! 🙂 and a 96 from Denmark. Cool. Although the place attracts some tourists interested in architecture, I don’t believe so many nationalities are often represented at one time in this parking lot – or even in this town. 🙂

This was the start of IntSaab2011 for me… have enjoyed every moment so far, seen beautiful Saabs and met nice fellow Saabers. And it will get even better tomorrow when the main event starts. Can’t wait.

A big thank you to Petteri and I agree, “Cant wait for more reports”

More pictures at

4 thoughts on “IntSaab 2011 pretour pictures”

  1. Must have been a really nice event!
    Those significant and well-designed cars in front of this masterpiece in architecture ! 🙂
    ( I miss some more pictures where one sees both the cars and the building, though..)

    • Thanks a lot Jouni!
      Very nice picture with the dramatic perspective and the interplay between the horizontally lines in the car and the verticality off the tower! 🙂

      • It was dark day, snow was dirty and melting but still these two white things were flourishing! I should have outline this photo better, a part of the Church roof sticks out above Saab.
        Another connection with Alvar Aalto and Saab can be found from Saab Finland´s website big photos that You can scroll with arrows. There is an ad about new 9-5 SC with children´s sandbox in front of it and a very Alvar Aalto -looking functionalism buildings. But in the sandbox the glass bowl is designed by Alvar Aalto, very famous thing in our homes here. When I saw this ad, I thought, this is a sign I need to buy new 9-5 SC…

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