Saab 9-4x production figures

As we all know Saab is still producing cars, not exactly Saab, but GM is producing the 9-4x in Ramos Arizpe (Mex.) for Saab.

Many asked about a reassurement that the 9-4x is really being build. And know one of our readers has sent us the link to the August production table for the US, Canada and Mexico, and on this table you can find the 9-4x among all the other GM cars.

For the ones that don’t want to search

Saab 9-4X Last Week: 58 August 2011: 116 2011: 573

Looking at this I would say that the 9-4x is being produced at a 58 cars per week rate. It is a very small figure, for instance 1.781 SRX have been build in the last week, but at least it is a constant amount. We still have something like 20 weeks till years end, which means GM will build this year about 1.700 9-4x, if the rate is kept constant.

*update 20110815 1555 cest*
I don’t know if the currently build cars are MY 11 or MY 12. Although there is not much difference between both model years, MY 11 was exclusively for the US market where MY 12 is to be distributed world wide.

I from my side hope that those are MY 12, and that the pre-ordered 9-4x in Europe can be delivered in September (it takes a little time from Mexico till Europe) πŸ˜‰

18 thoughts on “Saab 9-4x production figures”

  1. Well, if the production schedule allow for 58 cars a week the remaining 20 weeks will only result in 1160 cars being built.

    And where did the number 12.000 come from? If I understand this correctly this means less than 2 000 9-4X built during 2011.

    • Will it by the way go on sale in Europe in august… they said earlier…? It could mean som better salefigures than expected since probably many 9-3 and 9-5 now are sold out…..

      • There are plenty of cars in stock in Sweden. The thing with Europe is that most customers don’t buy cars from stock so most customers are waiting for ordered cars that aren’t being built.

      • I think they will wait until MY2012 cars for Europe. At the moment you can only choose 4 exterior colors (white, black, 2x gray). That is not enough for Europe.

  2. We have 4 in stock with one sold on Saturday. The car is beautiful. We also sell Cadillac. The 9-4X is all Saab, not a SRX with a Saab badge. This car is very good. Several of our orders of 2011 were changed to 2012 models. SRX is a very popular model for us. Colors have been a problem for Cadillac also, pigment shrtages from Japan.

  3. It seems that a lot of people who were critical of GM now point to GM’s SAAB production as a positive – which of course it is in light of SAAB’s in-house production status.

  4. Well, up to a point. Fact is that Saab had their best annual unit sales result (2007 or 2008, don’t recall offhand) under GM. Whether that was due to the quality of corporate management by GM or in spite of it? You give the answer to that.


    • Well. GM had the money to cover their mistakes..up to a point…
      They made a lot of bad management and brand dilution, but they also had a lot of marketing to sell more cars in spite of that.
      Wether that was good or bad ? Depends of POV

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