Saab 9-5 Hungarian style

After the more technical post from yesterday, today something to simply sit down and enjoy.

One of our readers has pointed us to this video. It is the creation of what I would call a video-blogger. He comes from Hungary and on his site Így szeresd a Saabod (Something like: So love your Saab) there are other interesting videos like The Dieselspider, a visit to the Saabmuseum and the Hungarian Save Saab Convoy.

The videos are very professionally produced, visually and regarding the soundtrack. This one is about the 9-5, and although I don’t understand a single word, I’ve already seen it twice. πŸ™‚

You can also go to his Youtube Channel where he describes his work with this words:

So love the Saab the series is designed to provide insight behind the scenes, to dispel the mysteries related to car assembly with wallet-friendly and useful information, not least entertaining.

Who knows the title of the first song in the Saabmuseum video?

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Piet-Hein S.

after some research on the Net (thanks to Google and some creative typing), i found out that the song is sung by Brian Blain. i have not been able to find a video of the song. i did find some reviews of him on the NorthernBluesMusic website:

the review of Tim Richards of the West Michigan Blues Society did the trick.

Piet-Hein S.

and to be correct: the title is ‘Saab story’ and it’s on the album ‘Overqualified for the Blues’.


That car just looks fantastic!


The video looks good, but I wish they had hidden that radio mic. and cable in the opening shot.

I guess I tend to notice such things as I’ve worked in TV more than half my life.


Really would love to see a subtitles version of the video, these guys seem to have a lot of humor in their comments. Nice images.


“Dieselspider” got englich subtitles now …. nice


I like it. Perhaps one could produce more private videos about Saab cars and show them in public somewhere – some sort of advertising, one should see the cars and people who have fun with it. Saab is present ! Just a thought.

i. ant. kal.

really nice!!!


they are guys from my favourite SAAB-garage in Budapest, who made these videos. It started with practical things about used saabs and after they put some cool tests there, …and how they bought a 96 V4 πŸ™‚
they have good skills in repairing saab cars, and a great sense of humor… Z!


Made me feel good for a change, and I especially liked the lyrics: “They say you gotta lose a few fights to win.” Hoping Saab comes up a winner.


By chance I have found (and published this video a couple of days ago on Saab actu). The sense of photography in their video is so wonderful that I authorized myself to do some screenshots here .

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