SAAB 9-5 presented in Russia

Finally  the 9-5 has reached Russia. The official importer Armand Import CIS  has presented the car 5th August for the members of saab clubs and 8th August for everyone, who had registered. 


Around 300 potential buyers had registered for both presentations. The visitors received different souvenirs such as Tshirts, baseball caps etc.

As it was already mentionned, the first deliveries are expected in September-October, but it depends on the production start in Trollhattan. Now the 9-5 as the 9-3 are getting certified for the Russian market

The car was well received, so now we are waiting for the official price-list which is coming soon I hope.

While the internal work is in progress there is another remarkable thing. Armand is willing to open the SAAB Concept Store at Armand Lounge in the very center of Moscow where a showroom will be combined with a lounge cafe. To place a real car in a showroom with a beautiful illunination in the night with the possibility to get some drinks after work is a great idea!

Thanks Nikolay from for the pictures

26 thoughts on “SAAB 9-5 presented in Russia”

    • Grumpy: One step at a time… One step at a time…

      Armand’s plans for a showroom in the middle of Moscow sounds more important than spending a huge amount of cash on the launch itself.

      Good report ValS!

      • Yes, due to the fact that the sales have not started yet, the promotion budget is limited. So Armand wants to invest money into “long-term” promotional projects, than to execute expensive but single presentation.
        That is why there will be no Saab Performance Show this year.

        • And that sounds just like a very good plan. It is very important to focus on where to put the money when it comes to marketing and it sounds like they have a good strategy for that!

  1. The presentation was nice, a lot of interested in 9-5 people. Also this photos are from the pre-official premiere exclusively for saab fans internet community, which took place on 5th of Augaust.

  2. that’s a brave step into big market, hope the sales will be satisfying, cause we know, the drivers will be satisfied for sure 🙂 griffin up Russia!

  3. I have no idea how strong the Saab name is in Russia but I’d think it would sell well in Russia’s nordic regions such as St. Petersburg.

  4. I think a robust car like Saab should interest the Russians as the roads are not so good. And the temperature suits Saab, too – the winters. And it’s a big market.
    So all the success (and production to start – only then some cars can be sold)!

        • Two week ago I’ve met a real elk when I drove within Sant Petersburg suburb. But nevertheless he was finnish elk rather than american because of nearby of Russia / Finland borderland.
          I suppose they fear Saabs… Anyhow the elk crossed road like scared cat.


    Sad to see you didn´t get a Nocturne Blue or something more colorful…

    As mentioned above – you will appreciate SAAB especially in the winter!
    Both safe and fun and reliable.

  6. Best of luck to Saab on their Russian sales. I hope that the cars sell well and that the Russian customers are happy with their new Saabs. Now, we just need to get production going again! Na zdarovya!

  7. Dear Andys, where are 100 000 usd from? As announced previously the 9-5 prices will be on level of A6. That’s from 58 k$ on russian market (or from 41 kEuros). But final prices have not been nominated yet.

      • You should compare similar versions of cars – to compare an empty E200 for 60k$ vs a fully loaded Aero is not correct.
        The price for the Linear is about 50k$, for a Vector – 60k$, approximately – but we should wait for official price-list

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