SAAB 99 Ur-Turbo replica to be built by Jörgen of the SUHRT

First of all this my premier New Post on SU. Thank You SU Team for the possibility to contribute as an editor:-)
SaabsUnited Historic Rally team has been enjoying some weeks of vacation. After the great driving in the Midnattssolsrallyt, all three cars made it to the finish 5th, 12th, and 22nd. But now it is time to start working in the Sundbyberg garage/factory again. Now it is time for production of a true Saab HERO-car. A Saab 99 Turbo 77-78 in White Pearl Metallic paint with matte black accents. Yes, it is a replica of the SAAB Museum vehicle, the car that Saab showed at the Frankfurt Car Saloon in 1977. A truly iconic car for Saab that showed the way forward in that time period.
The body will be sent away for some really minor rust treatment at Andersson & Andersson Construction this saturday. The paint has been ordered yesterday from Förenade Färg paint importer and I have arranged a time with our super painter Birkas Bilplåt in Skänninge.
The paint is truly spectacular, 3 layers first a white paint to be slightly rubbed down, then the metallic paint in a few layers, after that a clear coat. Sounds easy but is quite a challenge for any reputable painter. GOOD LUCK!
I spoke to ex-design boss at Saab Björn Envall who second the the project and told me som great stories from way back. For example how he went to Stockholm and bought glove leather in a shop in Gamla Stan. A semi-anillin fragile super soft leather that does not like sunshine at all. The design of the brown two-tone leather matches the INCA turbo wheels.
I have pretty much all parts needed for the project with the exeption of the following. So I really would appreciate the help from our fellow SaabsUnited people around the globe.
– Electrically controlled outside mirrors with cables and dash controls
– Outside TURBO badges (Metal text on black background), one on the rear hatch, two on each side of the hood and one small on the right side of the grille.
– An emblem to sit on the dashboard metal with the text “99 EMS”, yes its is an EMS badge in a turbo.
and maybe a good leather works  person for the recreation of the brown leather seats.
More updates and stories including videos to com soon.

6 thoughts on “SAAB 99 Ur-Turbo replica to be built by Jörgen of the SUHRT”

  1. Nice. I am doing a very similar project on a 78 99 Turbo. And i also need some parts. So if someone has some front indicator lights, headlights and the original grille i will appreciate an offer. And if you jörgen have some parts that you don’t need for your project please contact me. There are some more things that i need for my car too.

    • The first Saab made back in the 1940’s was called the “Ursaab” (ur=aincent, the first) This is a replica of Saabs first turbomodel. I guess that’s what they got the name from. Good choise btw.

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