Saab is Hiring

Today, three new job postings, at Saab, were published on the Swedish job board Arbetsförmedlingen.

All three have a submission deadline of  September 16, 2011.  Given the short-term nature of these job openings, it seems highly likely that they are related to the ongoing planning/discussions that are currently taking place.

The job summaries (roughly translated) are as follows:

Given the description on each of these positions, it appears that Saab is planning to make some large-scale component purchases very soon.

Jens: Thanks for the tip!


23 thoughts on “Saab is Hiring”

  1. The fact that they are looking to fill some job openings at this time seems like a positive to me. News like this is what makes me happy. Something seems to be happening and I’m starting to feel a little excitement.

      • And as I mentioned in my posting: I think there is a good chance that this is connected with the current deal that Saab is working on … given mention of “ePower” and the potential relation with electric vehicles in the comments below, that certain would be consistent with Jason’s newest discovery as well.

  2. This is telling me that Saab has not given up and that they in fact are about to find new suppliers. Is this the first sign of something new and promising? I have my own ideas of what’s going on…

  3. One guess may be that those jobs may be “dedicated” to the new electrical vehicle that was shown. That was the 9-3 Combi with the batteries running mid-ships.

    As such, those jobs may qualify them to tap into some of the EIB loan that was yet unused.

    Chassis Thermal and Electrical Powertrain sounds like a given for that cars development.

  4. Of course in order to collect unemployment insurance in order to stay on the dole, you need to apply for work at something like at least 4 places of potential employment a week. Life on the dole was good in summer.

    I shaved a few strokes off my golf game of course and one day after I secured employment, I took my one friends to apply for a job at the local Insane Asylum or Loonie Bin if you prefer. For once he seemed serious about working so I was initially shocked but when I glanced at the application I realized that the position he applied for was …… “The Leader” … the poor employment counselor was flabbergasted as he insisted that he would be a stellar leader …. you had to be there, it would have made a wonderful Monte Python skit. I had no idea he was going to do this and as an employee of the criminal section who he had used as a reference,

  5. On the second job summary at the end it reads

    För frågor kontakta
    Maud Olsson

    For questions please contact
    Maud Olsson

    My brain was playing games with me and has put an of there, so it looked like

    För frågor kontakta
    Maud Olofsson

    I think I’m a little bit too excited because of the braking news 🙂

  6. Many times when I read Saabsunited I come to think about Monty Python’s sketch about the dead parrot. I see Victor Muller as the pet shop owner and some of you dearly want to belive him when he says that the parrot is not dead, just asleep. It is sad but the parrot will never wake up again, even if you hit it hard in the desk.

  7. Volvo man and I think alike and dang I was trying to work that old “budgie joke” in too.

    On my way to pick up my Volvo .. we have two 9-3 XWD’s too …

    Then off to look for a TVR or Vette.

    I feel the need …………. for speed.

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