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In the preparation for the SaabsUnited October Fest I spoke to ex-manager Olle Granlund who is a key profile in the long history of successful Saab projects. He advised me to take a look at the webpage for retired Saab people. What a goldmine of historical write-ups and pictures. Stuff I had not seen before and stories beyond the radar coverage. For example an article about Saab production in Uruguay. Would like to get one of those 500 cars….
It is all in swedish but you guys who do not read swedish could use Google Chrome Translate or simply sign up for a swedish language class at the nearest college/university.

Link to SaabVeteranerna:

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Bengt in Scania

Interesting page about the history of the V4 engine

hans h

Very interesting. 🙂


I like the ironic letter they have posted from Bob Lutz (then head of Ford Europe) to Dr. Wallenberg thanking him for their 14 years of business together (ie Saab buying Ford’s V4 engines) and hoping he can again work closely with Saab in the future.



Interesting; love the stories. Thank you Trued.


Best reading I’ve done all week.

Too bad it is all in Swedish. The article on the two-stroke engine contained a handful interesting Erik Carlsson stories as a bonus.

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