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When you have been one time in a motor show during the press days, you will never want to miss it again. It is not that it is only fun and lingonberry juice, but as this is more my hobby than a job, I enjoy every second I can be nearby a Saab car.

This said you can now imagine that I started planning my IAA visit on the trip home from the Geneva motor show.

This time everything was running much smoother than at Geneva. I know people in Frankfurt so it was no problem to find a place to stay without having to pay the ridiculously high hotel fees they ask during the IAA. I had no problem getting a press accreditation, and last week I received my press pass.

IAA press accreditation

Yes, this time I was prepared, till yesterday. Yes I was hoping that this week will be the decision week and with the production already started by end of August Saab had many reasons to be there, and so did I. Yes I felt a little bit disappointed yesterday, but I do understand why they are doing it, and because they are doing it I feel more reassured that the Saab management won’t stop till the production can be restarted and maintained.

So I could spend two days in Frankfurt but although I’ve been there almost every time in the last 10 years or so, I now really don’t know if I should go there. Almost every brand has already shown what they are going to show at the IAA, and I can’t remember having heard of anything really spectacular being presented there. So, what would you do?

The Dutch TopGear Magazine is supporting Saab. Everyone buying or leasing Saab in the Netherlands from the 18th of August till the end of 2011 will get a one year subscription to the Magazine for free.

Thanks to Ruben_NL for the tip.

The sales data for all the 36 markets we monitor is now been published. Some of you said that Saab would sell 800-900 cars this month, I said 1.100. The point goes to me as in August 1.020 Saabs have been registered.

These are the top 10 markets

  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. Sweden
  4. Italy
  5. France
  6. Spain
  7. Belgium
  8. Germany
  9. Canada/Denmark
  10. ….

Yes, I know that this statistic is of less importance, and the markets selling the most cars are the ones that have some in stock, but I like it.

Market ranking January-July 2011

Tomorrow is the day Kongsberg has been waiting for so long, nothing against Kongsberg, but the media have pushed this story so much that to me it sounds more like an Italian western, and tomorrow is high noon for Saab.


Many news sites are talking about it, but none of them, maybe I’m missing somebody, has said that Saab will have the money because of the transaction they did yesterday.

In the last days I had the opportunity to drive 2 Audis, an A5 and a Q5. Those are not bad cars, and the S-tronic DSG is a good gearbox, but the materials used in the interior are no better than the used in the current 9-5, nor is the finish.

What I saw and felt was hard plastic surfaces here and there and fake aluminium fake chrome and fake wood all the way. Those cars are not bad at all, but they are not better. I know they sell better but it is only because Audi is currently en Vogue.

And the fact that a high power A5 Sportsback with some extras is more expensive (in Germany) than an 9-5 Aero Turbo6 with all the extras you can have doesn’t make the Audi offer any better.

18 thoughts on “SaabsUnited and the IAA and other stories”

  1. I actually saw more new 9-5s when I was in England than A5 Sportbacks. The A5 Sportback I saw when I was there in 2010 sure looks nice and I am surprised they dont sell more of them.

  2. The Dutch TopGear Magazine is supporting Saab. Everyone buying or leasing Saab in the Netherlands from the 18th of August till the end of 2011 will get a one year subscription to the Magazine for free.

    That’s very nice of them. It is definitely something that I like to see.

    the S-tronic DSG is a good gearbox

    When I test-drove a Volkswagen CC (before buying my 9-3), the car struck me as bulky, and not particularly agile. That being said, the DSG transmission, that it was definitely a high-light of the car.

  3. Eh, just go and have fun RedJ πŸ™‚ They’re sort of incredible experiences, treat it as though you were going just as a tourist, not the press and enjoy yourself.

    As far as the Q5 and A5’s interiors, I’m with you that they’re not all that special. The wood is real though, and does seem of higher quality to my fingers and eyes than Saab’s versions (the 9-4X is better than the 9-5). It’s when you get into the new A6 and A7 when the quality difference becomes more apparent. If you do go to the IAA, check those two out and I think you’ll be impressed by their surface quality, textures, and color choices (I know you’ll always prefer the Saab design, I do too πŸ™‚ ).

  4. Take the trip and enjoy yourself. Yes, Saab will not be at the show but yuo can give us highlights of other manufactorer’s concept cars and other new vehicles and tell us how they compare to a Saab.

  5. You should go as planned! IAA is always interesting.
    – I will take my Saab and drive to Frankfurt (from Norway) as I do to every IAA!

  6. May be you’ve time to enjoy Sachsenhausen and the pubs there. The Senkenberg museum with fossils is also nice. The small hills around Frankfurt with little Feldberg is a nice place to look over Frankfurt.

    When did you come over? Maybe I make a trip to my parents in Frankfurt area and we can organize a small SU Meeting?

    And don’t forget to take ride on Germans Autobahn πŸ˜‰

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