Three into One

Tonight, our Saab club, South West Saab went fishing, well we went but the chat and food was far more exciting than the zero fish caught.

But,,,, three of the club members turned up in 9-5 Estates and here are a couple of pictures of the three faces and rears of the OG 9-5.

Changes are slight but the three 9-5’s are so different.



7 thoughts on “Three into One”

  1. Cool pics. The only one missing is the ’04-’05, which is my favorite 9-5 save for the current model. How about more pics of 9000s. It seems that it is rarely shown.

  2. I don’t normally like older better, but I like the front and rear of the oldest one better. Could be because I’ve had a 2000 9-5 in my garage for 11+ years…

  3. Hey thanks for Loving the 95’s…….its the model that seems to be “not liked” by most and hardly ever gets a mention when the group talks about Saab cars.

    I love them, I have a 98 SE with 198K on it and a late 04 Arc with 49K on it, such beautiful cars to sit in and drive.

    keep up the good work.


  4. One thing I love about Saabs is that their style is ages well, whereas cars of the competition may look awesome initially but then over time appear either forced or tired. I think a big part of it is that distinctive grill: a design element that has always had appeal to me.

  5. The original was most harmonious in terms of front and rear looking like they had been designed by a team. The middle generation was frankly a bit dull and for me toned down the Saab styling too far. The Dame Edna has a distinctive front, but for me the rear never worked and seemed to slavishly follow Audi/BMW in the light shape. Striking too how the car seems to change proportions due to these relatively minor styling tweaks….the earliest and latest models looking talling and wider? The middle model looked more square?

  6. My youngest son has a 9-5 just like the erliest of these 9-5s, and just the same blue color. The design has grown on me. 🙂

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