Tuesday Moose Season Snippets

First up is a quote from Eric Mayne’s article Saab is Supernatural.

Adds Scott Hutchings: “Great event! … Iowa next year!!!”

Next year? Saab is headed for the history books and he’s talking about the future?

And then it hit me. These people know Saab’s secret. The brand is possessed of an unholy power.

The signs have always been there. Consider that Saab is based in Sweden, which is part of Scandinavia, which is home to fairies and trolls and changelings and all things supernatural.

Thanks ThomasJ for the tip


Happier times
Fairies and trolls are not the only creatures to be found in the deep forests of Sweden. There is always the moose to watch out for. They are big, they are hairy and they are rarely teetotalers.

Marcus reports hitting a moose last Sunday with his trusty classic 900, complete with mounted Toppola as well as pulling a hanger. All this while doing 80 kph. Marcus’ wife, his horse and himself all walked (trotted?) away from the accident with barely a scratch between them.

Looking at the pictures, I am surprised by the extent of the damage, but I have seen wrecks from other brands and it could definitively have been worse. Much, much worse.

We here at SU are very happy that Marcus, his wife and their horse are all OK and we wish their future road travels will be much less eventful.

(Marcus included a photo of the deceased moose, but I have chosen not to include it here because my wife also reads this site)


1972 Saab
1972 Saab Sonett III Coupe project car and parts
on ebay. It looks a bit roughed up in some of the photos, but hey… It is a Sonett and deserves a good home!

Thanks Sapan for the tip


The local newspaper in Kristianstad reports that Swepart are content with their current deal with Saab.

For the last six-seven months, Swepart has been working on tooling for the next generation Saab

Swepart is one of the companies that initiated the process to put Saab into bankruptcy back in July. An agreement was struck and Saab have kept up the scheduled payments since. In return, Swepart have continued their work and are operating as normal.

Thanks Bengt Å for the tip

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Moose Season Snippets”

  1. Driving through the Jackman Trail in Maine, driving back from SOC11, we were confronted by a moose standing in the middle of the road. We see them all the time there and have been able to avoid them easily. Hope it keeps up!

  2. Glad to hear the Saab did its job to protect them from the wayward moose.

    As for that Sonett III, the interior looks in pretty good shape for being in storage that long. Looks like a good project car for a restoration if someone has the time and the skill.

  3. I looked at the photos of the 900 with a mixture of sadness and gladness. Sad to hear of the misfortunes and damage to a classic, but glad to know the vintage Saab protected Marcus and wife so well, better than many modern cars. Many thought those A-pillars were weak because of their thinness, but they were probably the strongest in the industry. Plus, that forward mounted wrap-around windshield frame could absorb a lot of energy before reaching the occupant’s heads.

  4. Glad to see that the Saab did it’s job and protected Marcus & his wife & horse from serious harm. For a good indication of the A Pillars strength in a C900 with the bonnet up press one of your fingers hard against the bottom of the windscreen pillar and look at the mark it leaves – Easily 2 – 3mm of rolled steel there so very, very strong indeed! Or the cleaner option if you have it is to read the safety section in the form & function book!

  5. Wow, that car sure took a hit but my guess is the moose came out of it much worse. Pity that the car had to end its das in this way but am glad to hear Marcus and his wife are okay.

    Ive seen pictures of car/moose accidents here in Canada where the moose ended up occupying the front seats of a lesser car killing the driver in the process. Well done to Saab for thinking safety first.

  6. I’ve added a comment to Eric Mayne’s article … we’ll see if it get’s published.

    Glad to hear that everyone above who has reported hitting large animals were protected … means that the #1 reason I always mention for owning a Saab still holds true!

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