Between the borders

Common rides of Saab clubs are always refreshing. New people, new Saabs, new point of view on recent things and so on. It wasn’t different at the last Saturday. Saab Club Austria and Puppy Hunters Saab Club Slovakia organised a joint-ride, a fine program with space for talks and Saab sniffing … err admiring.

The programm of the day started with a non-Saab but very interesting tour over the castle in Marchegg, a small town at the river Morava (March). It’s always good to hear new things about (sometimes very bloody) history of the region where most of us are living our daily lives.


After the bloody history our 17 Saabs long convoy continued to a weird border cross between Austria and Slovakia. You have to cross the river by taking a floating pontoon, powered by a 9.9 HP boat engine, proudly calling himself a ferry. It’s hooked to a strange construction which prevents the whole thing against floating away with the river. Max. capacity : 6 cars at once.

The oldest attending Saab was a Sonett III from 1973, the newest a 9-3 Turbo4 convertible, the facelift just before Griffin. It’s java colour is wonderful and I think pretty rare on convertibles. But the rarity with big R was the white 9000 CSE, built in 1997 with only 13.000 km driven. It looks like new, it smells like new, no wonder that the owner is extremely proud of it. 8 of the 17 cars were convertibles, 3x 900 I, 1 x 9-3 I and 4x 9-3 II.



After the river cross it’s my turn. Since I know the scenic road to next stop very well, I was leading the convoy. It was my first time, so I am not a virgin anymore. Nobody got lost .) The lunch stop is at Devin, a castle ruine with a rich, more than a thousand years old history standing at a confluence of the rivers Morava (March, not the month) and Danube.

We continue with a short rounddrive around Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia in smaller groups which ends at the border cross to Austria, this time on a stable ground. This is a photo shooting stop as well as the start of a “rally” through the austrian countryside and towns, where the winner must be as close as possible to the assigned time as well as answer some questions. A nice drive led by a roadplan. All ends at a nice and very local restaurant (Heurigen).

There are three picture galleries ready : the Saab Austria fanclub gallery is here and two Puppy Hunter Saab Club members galleries are here and here.

It seems that all exotic weather gods were smiling at us and sent a wonderful day. Many thanks to the people who organised this, who came and who enjoyed the day.



P.S. There is a small field airport next to my road home. I was lucky, to drive exactly at the same moment as a small aeroplane started right next to me. Finally I could measure the starting speed of these ultralights : 85 – 90 kmh, than he started to rise to the clouds.

5 thoughts on “Between the borders”

  1. Thanks Alex! Thanks Milan! It really was fun meeting you guys again! We’ll keep in touch!

    And for those of you who think a Saab 9000 won’t drive much further then 13.000 km – mine is at 287.000km and still running strong with it’s first engine…

      • My weekend toy 900 9.3 Convertible (96) has 373.000 Kms – also with the original engine. The clutch and the starter, as well as few minor parts were replaced, but no major problems.

        Now my brother-in-law commutes daily in the car, as his direct-injection supertroooper whatever french saloon displayed “on strike, not going anywhere”.

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