Does Volvo need SPA?

I know some of you will want to kill me, and others won’t talk to me for months, but does Volvo really need to develop its SPA (Scalable Platform Architecture) when something similar is being developed 70 km away?

Volvo’s big cars, the S80 and V70 are based on Fords CD platform, their smaller cars, C30, S40, V50 S60, V60, XC60 are based on Fords C platform. Volvo was in charge of the CD platform, and Ford was in charge of the C platform.

Volvo is now independent from Ford, and it is not any more in charge of any Ford platform. So I don’t think Volvo is willing to use Fords platforms if they can have something more flexible and where they can better decide what is good for Volvo and what is not.

Volvo will go away from V6 or L5 engines moving to L4 and L3, all with a turbo in petrol or diesel variants. Volvo will introduce hybrid cars with a Through the Road configuration.

It all looks to me like they will be doing similar things as Saab will be. That is why I’ve been asking myself following question.

Did Volvo ever get in contact with Saab to evaluate the Phoenix platform?

I mean, Saab and Volvo will build in the next years quite similar cars, in terms of size and powertrain configuration, and Volvo is still recruiting engineers from over the world to develop SPA (Volvo’s future platform) and VEA (Volvo’s future engine family).

Maybe one way to leverage this need for engineers could have been to enter an alliance with Saab. And I’m not saying that only Volvo should use technology from Saab, also the other way around can be in the future interesting for Saab, if Saab would use Volvo’s engines, at least the diesel ones.

Maybe the managers at Volvo thought of something like this, when they thought about a cooperation with Saab. πŸ˜‰

Saab 3axle

On any case if BMW and Mercedes are able to think about working together, Saab and Volvo should also think about it.

8 thoughts on “Does Volvo need SPA?”

  1. Funny thing…there should be 19 comments hanging under this article. But there is none visible in real life.

    Some technical problem? Or is this another derailed -and subsequently deleted- discussion?


  2. I agree, unless you are particlarly specialist collaborating with other quality manufacturers on basic componants like chasis design and scalability should make sense-yoou may improve your product and at less cost. the problem only comes when this is done from a point of view of aesthetics-when all cars will eventually become the same with no USP to mark them apart.

  3. If ovloV would start using parts of the Phoenix platform they could finally get a car that’s drivable πŸ˜‰ (just kidding)

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