Dreaming of a Hirsch 9-4X

I got a few emails from people who wanted this on the front page who originally missed it because I buried it in an article. So here it is, what happens when you add new lower panels to the 9-4X and some Hirsch wheels. Amazing. Imagine what happens when you give the 2.8T the same upgrade as the 9-5 2.8T XWD? 330HP, yes please. Consider it Saab-Prozac to get you through the weekend. Hopefully Hirsch gets to do their own version very soon.

And by request, more colors after the break.

25 thoughts on “Dreaming of a Hirsch 9-4X”

    • Agreed. Saab needs to get back to the roots. The 99/900/9000 turbo’s sold well because they weren’t so darn ‘responsible’. BTW is there anything that could sound more boring to someone who’s comparing cars with good performance?
      Saabs used to be sold with tags like; faster than a Ferrari Testarossa from, was it 80-120 km/h in 5th gear? Or something like that.

    • This would really open up the 9-4X to a whole new demographic, I feel. You could easily charge $55K for it, considering how much an X5 with an M package on top of an X5 35i costs $70,000+, it’s a solid value proposition and arguably the best looking CUV out there.

      • I totally agree. There seems to be a real shortage in the market, in general, for high powered SUVs in the 50k – 65k range. This is a gap that I can see Saab easily exploiting.

        Perhaps they can call it: the 9-4X Viggen.

  1. This is what this site needs: an in-house photoshoper to showcase a few possibilities. Granted, this is just changing a few things, but I remember some of your other work, Jeff. I’m sure I have some saved on my computer somewhere, back when magazines were toying with the new 92 design/idea. Pictures are very important, and you’ve made some good ones.

  2. After having driven the 9-4x I realized that a high powered engine is not something I would choose in this car…

    A 2.0T Hirsched 260 HP BioPower engine would be just perfect. This car is a cruiser not a racers even though handling is great, if I was to have 330 HP, I’d rather have them in a 9-3…

    Btw. I’m just loving that body kit on the 9-4, in grey it looks really cool πŸ™‚

    • if I was to have 330 HP, I’d rather have them in a 9-3…

      Great minds think alike πŸ˜‰ I didn’t read this before commenting to Chris.

      • Correction. Not rather, but including the 9-3.
        With the comfy Griffin seats a Hirsched or Maptuned 9-3 Aero V6 would be on my very short list of cars in Germany or NA.

    • Tim, it is about markets.
      People in the US would love it.

      I would also take the same engine option as you.

      BTW, Mr. Collin said in his article that Saab is currently working on a Bio-gas engine for the 9-4x for MY 13 and nobody seems to be interested πŸ™

      • Well actually a biogas engine in the 9-4x would be great in Scandinavia! I think it would sell very well!

        Biogas is today almost as popular as E85 here and more stations are getting equipped with biogas. Just imagine a Tri-Fuel 9-4x… πŸ™‚

      • +1 RedJ. It would be a much more competitive offering in the US. Might not be popular in Europe, but the 9-4X is intended for the US first and foremost after all.

  3. what’s wrong with a Saab in standard config?

    when i got my 9k 2.3T Grififn, people asked me if i would tune up the engine…no, i didnot, i haven’t done it, and i never will.

    why? 200bhp/143KW should be enough.

        • Didn’t Kim96V4, one of the members of our club in DK offer you one for free?
          Get in touch with him, and I’ll see if I can get a good deal on courir delivery.
          Or just stop by on the way to the October Fest.
          And if you should feel a sudden need for more power, we can arrange that too πŸ˜‰

          • what i learnt from the guys at Van den Bosch (saab-specialist, Vinkeveen, NL), there is a difference between gearboxes for ‘early years’ (1985-1992) and ‘later years’ (1993+). not sure which one suits mine. (i have a ‘red’ engine, does that ring a bell, anyone?)

            on the way to THN….if i go, it’ll be with the old 9k…have to see if it’s possible….

            (how to get in touch with Kim96v4?)

            sorry Jeff…way off-topic! πŸ˜‰

            • 9kCD,
              you can send personal messages to Khrisdk πŸ˜‰
              On the right side you can click on Profile
              Then on the left side you will find the Messages menu, from there you can send a Message to any user at SU, and you don’t evenhave to remeber how the name is written as you can choose from a list.

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