GrenseRallyt in Trollhättan Tomorrow! SUHRT are competing!

Hope they put on the bonnet before the race!

SaabsUnited Historic Rally team has sent one of our 99 Turbo´s to Trollhättan today to compete in tomorrows Grense rally (Border Rally). The rally is a regularity rally
The marbel-white 99 crew is Krister Sundman and Micael Öberg. This is their second race ever first was Midnattssolsrallyt this summer. This car will be back down in Trollhättan next week for the OctoberFest again.
Saab people in Trollhättan should go down to the Saab Car Museum where the start and finish is and cheer on SaabsUnited´s very own team.

4 thoughts on “GrenseRallyt in Trollhättan Tomorrow! SUHRT are competing!”

  1. Good luck, Krille and Micke! Love to hear your story at work on monday, Krille.
    To make to story even better, they had to change engine during the week, as the old one had water in the oil. I think they were done by thursday night.

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