IAA short notice

To be here and checking the offerings from the other brands and knowing that Saab is not here makes me a little bit sad.

OK, I’m still missing Merc and VW, the Koreans, Fiat and JLR but nothing has impressed me at the moment, but maybe is it only because the brands have last week already announced everything they will be showing. 🙁

The most time till now I’ve been at the Volvo booth. I must admit that the You concept is not bad at all, but I don’t know how many will accept such a bulky front.

Another car that I like, although it sounds strange, is the Cadillac Ciel. Yes it is a Cadillac, but it feels like a back to the roots, trying to be once again the Brand that best represents the ultimate American luxury.

And If you wanted to know what has happened to the Saab booth, this is how it looks like.

48 thoughts on “IAA short notice”

  1. I agree with Audun.

    BBC West Midlands is claiming that JLR are the stars of the show with three new concept cars. Have to say that the two seat jag does look good and has shed the old mans image.

  2. hmm.. Some people claim that the PhoeniX was ugly with a Cyclops attitude..
    In that case I would say that these are Batmobiles..especially the Caddy.
    Do they have any interesting tech below the skin or are they just strange shapes in the landscape?

    • The Caddy is just a huge brick with wheels and friggin big gas-guzzling engine to overcome the inertia. So yes, in a way it is back to the American roots. Why use a fly swatter if you can use a sledge hammer?

      • AFAIK, a “spiritual predecessor” to the Ciel’s engine (the Ciel uses a DI 3.6L twin turbo V6 while this was a 2.8L twin turbo V6), was installed in a certain SAAB 9-3 test vehicle that was once photographed in the Trollhättan plan parking lot. The purpose: smaller engine with lower fuel consumption and emissions, but with V8-power, or putting it another way, GM emulating the original SAAB turbocharging idea. Good to know bits of good SAAB-ideas such as engine downsizing are alive and well throughout the auto industry 🙂

  3. Looks like Volvo is getting on the retro-wagon, at least the front has lines of the old PV544 series cars. Would be interesting to see if the rear is like the old “hunchback”.

  4. When I see those cars I understand even more how much you must miss Saab at the show…. 😉
    What about Alfa Romeo ? (the only other company that still has an integrity in the Saab-level, imo )

  5. That Cadillac looks like it came from an old Science Fiction movie; I kinda like that daring styling. Put in a jet(sons) engine and I’ll buy it… 😉

  6. Caddy was long a leader in the old days when it came to Carlsson like driving. The original Pan America race across Mexico over the dirt being chased by the Lincolns, those cars had a performance heritage. Later, they got soft and slow.

  7. Thx for posting pictures. In an interview with a car designer in German magazine “Die Zeit”, he very much criticized the present design languages as backward and intended to apeal to cultures that like to glue bling (Svarovsky glass) to their car bodies. I think he is right. Car design is no longer about solutions, but about image.

  8. Darn it I hit F5 before sending my comment.

    Just wanted to add that as far as I know the Ciel was built for the 2009 GM Centennial so it is a bit old, although oddly cool. Probably the first time it is shown on this side of the pond.

  9. Interesting things happen at international motor shows, particularly how the car makers view their future market share and direction.

    It would appear that GM wish to move their Opel brand up-market. Not as far though to compete with BMW etc but just above were it currently is.

    Isn’t that what GM were doing with Saab?

    • Well what else can they do, they have nothing worth mentioning in the upper segments after dumping Saab. Opel had ambitions in the past especially with the Omega. Cadillac a a non-starter in Europe and maybe a few more decades of trying will convice GM to give up.

      GM needs something above the Insignia, it is not there yet but it is not from a lack of trying , on Opel’s part.

  10. The German Saab blog just confirmed that the NDRC gave its ok on the provincial level. So now its only up to the headquarter to give the final approval.

    This is good news !!

      • ummm ok???
        Have you actually seen a pic of the Jag CX16? its a stunner and by all accounts is a show-stopper at Frankfurt too!!
        VM had better get his skates on when the mess is cleared up because compared to many efforts at Frankfurt its already looking outdated- well it looks like a rounded off Spyker to me????

        • Yes it’s been on the local TV news show tonight (all round views and interviews with JLR top brass). I live in the West Midlands (about 12 miles away from Birmingham).

          I’d still prefer the Phoenix, I just love the sculpted bonnet, it looks like a bird of prey zeroing in on its target. I reckon any car in front of it would move over pronto.

  11. Regarding the Volvo;
    It is possible today to fully help newborn babies with cleft upper lip. However, I do not know if they can help a car with inverted cleft lower lip…

  12. Hmm.. just had a closer look at the abandoned Saab stand..
    Me thinx me sees the backend of a Chevy BelAir ’57 CV..Hmm..
    They could have placed worse cars there

  13. I think I can agree with everyone of you.
    As I’ve said before, I like the Volvo but the front not that much.
    And the Ciel is a Cadillac as I ever thought a Cadillac has to be, big, simply big, without excuses.

    Regarding the Saab Booth, GM has put some older Chevys on stage to celebrate 100 years of Chevrolet 1911-2011.

  14. I agree that it is sad to be looking at cars with my finger poised over the “sell” button with the most likely choice some kind of Audi. Please hurry up the funding! No desire to go to another brand, but my car is my way to work and there’s no “hey boss sorry my strange swede car is broke and I can’t get parts” excuses that will pass the test at work.

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