IF Metall demand bankrupcy

IF Metall decided today to hand in the bankrupcy demand at the local court. Still they don’t want to give up hope for Saab and call it a very painful decision in their press release:

It is a very painful decision, but we need to secure members’ wage claim and then we can not wait any longer, says IF Metall Federal Chairman Stefan Löfven and the local union shop steward at Saab Hakan Scotland.

We assume still the Court of Appeal gives Saab opportunity for reconstruction. We believe definitely that Saab is worth a try with a professional assessment of reorganization. Especially when both Youngman and Pang Da believe that Saab’s problems are temporary and they are prepared for long-term investments as soon as the NDRC, National Development and Reform Commission, China has granted permission, says Stefan Löfven and Hakan Skött.

This is surely not the news that we want to hear but I’d like to remind you that all unions have the duty to protect their members’ rights. So sooner or later they had to take that step regardless of their feelings for Saab.

After all I am very optimistic regarding the decision on reorganization so this should not become a problem.

6 thoughts on “IF Metall demand bankrupcy”

  1. I’m all in regarding your last sentence, Till! Still I understand why IF Metall has to do this, on the other hand I don’t get that if the Engineer’s Union can wait until Friday, why cant IF Metall?

    • Not sure about that but I think it won’t make a big difference anyway. Now let’s hope that the reorganization is granted and all those demands are out of the picture.

    • It probably has something to do with the engineers’ payday being two days after theirs. Factory workers get paid on the 25th, engineers on the 27th of each month.

      That said, IF Metall really didn’t NEED to do anything. Others have already filed for bankruptcy, so their members are already protected. It’s just a big honker of a waste of money, tbh (each application is SEK 500, and of course the unions are daft enough to send in one application per member, when they could have just filed a single one).

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