In Saab’s Corner – A series of articles by Swade

On today, a number of articles appeared providing a great overview of all the things Saab have going for it right now.

The articles are a good read, and hopefully will provide inspiration to those authoring the appeal that will be filed two days from now.

Thanks Ted Y for the nudge!

15 thoughts on “In Saab’s Corner – A series of articles by Swade”

  1. With all the negative publicity going on at present and this whole week being ruined not by my hourly trip to SU or Swade’s Inside SAAB but by the news crawl on the bottom of NBC channel 4 morning news at 5 am in the morning. I don’t sleep much these days either. The crawl read: SAAB DECLARES BANKRUPTCY.” This was repeated every 3 minutes and was like the third story.

    Well one advantage is that hopefully the Chinese prospective buyers don’t know this or at least did not have this plastered all over their TV screens like we did right here in Milwaukee. For obvious reasons I take this very personally and I will endeavor to repair this damage when I meet with the local news people whom I know of a few. The prospective Chinese sales are key to generate supporting income for SAAB. Hopefully they can take us through this short term crisis and onto the the next phase.

    I know that we express our many different points of view but we really must rally
    (no pun intended at this crucial time) this is more serious than the GM sale in early 2010. We must hold together like a family in crisis.

    Those of us who have been to our conventions know what I mean by family. Just this week I communicated with the new Management at Saab USA and I wrote about “Our Brand.”

    Whether I wage political of even military campaigns (I have experience in both) the latter being literally fighting for my very being. We really have to show strength. Go and buy a SAAB. You will get parts. Just yesterday there was an article on EBC Brakes ( which are what I use and they are incredible) There are always alternatives, if there is a OEM shortage. There is always service, even if it requires a little extra effort. It is well worth it. If there is no more SAAB I will be doing this anyway as nothing else even turns my key.

    Either way we have these very differently exclusive automobiles to enjoy!

  2. The Globe & Mail (Canada) has an autowriter named Jeremy Cato who has written Saab off.

    A few weeks ago, a Canadian writer asked Cato whether the writer should buy a Saab.

    Cato said no.

    Through the postboard following Cato’s recent obit article, Finally, Saab’s long goodbye is almost over,
    I have sent Cato two defiant messages on behalf of all of us who know hope is the last thing to die.

    The second uses Reuters’ Potential Saab savior gets good signs from Beijing with which to
    bring Cato to the table, eventually to dine on his hat,

  3. Just a little thanks to the people of SU and to Swade over at Inside Saab. Tirelessly trying to keep the facts straight and rally encouragement and support for Saab. I know it’s part of Swade’s job now, though I know if it wasn’t, he’d still be here like the current lineup is, trying to make a difference. So: kudos to you guys. Lot of hard effort appreciated.

    SAAB UP!

  4. WOW Swade that is a brilliantly compiled series of reports!! It is so good to sometimes look backwards as well as forwards. I think these should be submitted to the courts too for consideration…..this is what the future of Saab is all about and I strongly believe the courts could not fail to be influenced by such inspiring facts! Well written!

  5. And yet the best things about the new 9-3 hasn’t been discovered eventhough they are revealed to some extent by the Phoenix concept and someother sources.

    The development of Saab IQon had started long before the iPhone was released.

    The 9-3 Convertible Hybrid Concept released in 2006 had a forerunner system to the eXWD-system that will be introduced as standard in the new 9-3.

    The eXWD is an entirely new take on hybrid technology (but I won’t tell why).

    The chassis design of the new 9-3 will set some new revolutionary benchmarks (but I won’t tell you why)

    Isn’t this worth waitning for.?

  6. SorryI forgot some impressive things in previous post that is needed to point out.

    Saab have developed a new flexible car platform in just one year, a record time within the automotive industry. This normally takes 3-4 years (Bravada or anyone else with GM insight please correct me if I am wrong).

    Also the new 9-3 is being develpoed in a record-breaking 3 years despite the current hick-up.

    Saab has not only the will, but the competence to move faster than anybody else in the automotive industry.

  7. These were very nice heart-warming posts, and Swade should be proud. He fought with me before but I really appreciate his tone and eye for interesting story and facts.

    Nobody can doubt that Saab vehicles are still at the forefront of design and excellence even now. It is such an amazing achievement for such a small group of people. At this moment, their factory is poised to build cars that equal an Audi or BMW product, without the huge R&D / design / marketing of those firms. I really respect Saab for the fact they are one of the globe’s 10-12 premier (world-class) quality automobile manufacturers… while being the smallest by far. They can truly be proud that their work stacks up against global giants. Personally I drive a Saab and really like their point of view.

    • I think fighting with Swade is a rite of passage for the online Saab community… Be it with losing your cool or a lack of faith, Swade always keeps his calm, never loses his faith, and knows how to make all feel better… 🙂

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