No bankruptcy petition from the union on Friday reports

The union IF Metall will not ask for Saab Automobile to enter bankruptcy on Friday, leaving Victor Muller a few days to try to get funding.

“The longer we wait the longer it takes until the members get their insolvency. Just because we have the opportunity, we can not wait until the last day. But bankruptcy is a very big deal and requires reflection. Therefore I do not think we really will quickly come up with a bankruptcy filing,” said Darko Davidovic, Metall union lawyer, to

Now Victor Muller has a few more days to resolve the finance problems. However on Monday IF Metall management will decide whether a petition should be submitted by then or not.

30 thoughts on “No bankruptcy petition from the union on Friday”

  1. Well, basically Lars Carlström (VA:s spokesperson) adds weight behind the “rumour” about the SEK 1 billion bridge loan, and expects a statement from Saab very soon. He also says that Saab is working on several promising solutions.

  2. Never ever mess with a griffin when it is backed into a corner. It’ll fight anyone to the death rather than give up. 🙂

    Go Saab!
    Go SU!

  3. I was happy to read that one of the Swedish taboids wrote: “Now there are no hope left for SAAB”. Happy, because then it has to come to a turning point! Not even a chance of a miracle left – nice! Then there can be miracles…

    Love this comment from, :

    Lars Carlström : “Man kan jämföra Saab med en jordbrukare. Man har sått, skörden växer upp, men man har inte skördat. Därför är förutsättningarna goda. Jaguar befann sig i samma utsatta läge för ett par år sedan. Företaget gör nu en vinst på 10 miljarder kronor.”

    “You can compare Saab with a farmer. They have sown, crops are growing up, but has not reaped. Therefore, prospects are good. Jaguar were in the same vulnerable position for a few years ago. The company is now making a profit of 10 billion ‘.
    Yes – there still is hope and lets hold on to it!

    “We moved your mind.” 😉

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