Per Eklund Swedish champion in a Saab 9-3

The young swedish driver (65 years of age) became Swedish Champion in RallyCross last weekend at Kinnekulle Racetrack near Trollhättan.
Let´s hope for a fast return to motorsport for Saab once the economy is squared out. RallyCross is great but even greater is WRC Rallying. When it comes to Historic Rallying & Racing there is SUHRT of course.

A big round of hurray for good old Per still possessing the true Saab fighting spirit. Will he ever step down? No I do not think so.

Taken from Per Eklund Fan site:
The final weekend of the Swedish Rallycross Championship held at the Kinnekulle circuit near Götene hosted a Supercar final that would be a clean final competition and would thus crown a Swedish Supercar champion, (the championship having this year only hosted Super Nationell, National 2400 and the Swedish Junior Championship). Hedström had initially taken an early lead in the Supercar final but had his lead snatched away from him after his Skoda Fabia ‘Helga’ recently rented from Belgian Rallycross star, Jochen Coox, caught fire. Race Marshalls immediately ‘red flagged’ the race, leaving the race set to be restarted, and Hedström left to exit the circuit deflated and out Championship contention; his car’s damage too significant to enter the Final restart. It was Per Eklund who emerged as leader in the restarted final snatching victory form Swede Stig-Olov Walfridsson. The Swedish legend and Rallycross veteran took the win after passing Walfridsson who was forced to slow due to a puncture.

For Peter Hedström, the events in the race could lead to damaging consequences. Hedström on ‘Facebook’ post-race: “These things happen in this sport, it is just a shame I was struck by such bad luck whilst taking the lead in the final, but it’s the nature of Rallycross.” Peter Hedström had rented the Skoda Fabia with hope of taking the Swedish title in Götene, the place where he grabbed the Swedish junior Rallycross Championship ten years ago. Hedström was reported to have had his sights set on gold here, and then to follow he would compete in the Czech Republic in the ERC, if the car was in good condition for the event next weekend. Speaking to Swedish Newspaper, “Värmland Folkblad” Hedström said: “It will be a tough competiton but my sights are set on gold. We take one thing at a time. But if the car is not too demolished then there is an absolute chance that I had could compete next weekend. You just have to hope that the sponsors are as generous as they are now.” Hedström was focused on a good European Championship effort which could pave the way for a hefty investment in the championship next year for the Swede. The Norwegian Ole Håbjørgtook the touring cars in Sweden ahead of Lars Rosendahl and Irishman, Derek Tohill.

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hans h

Well done, Per. !!


what did I say when I saw the pic of PE’s car?

pre2007 doors on a facelift car…..

Sad isn’t it?

hans h

Sad? How do you find that sad?
The wing is hardly standard also…

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