Preparations for the Eastern Convoy

Hi everyone, just been to Svenska Bil the place where the Eastern convoy will start 12:00 AM friday. I talked to the manager and checked the coffee and rolls situation. They serve us that from 11:00. Krister and Micael from SUHRT will lead the convoy with our newest creation in the team our “Secret” 99 and the Publimmo Venere 99 Turbo replica of Swedish Rally 1981. I will unfortunately not be going in the convoy I leave for Trollhättan thursday night for should we say some “Early Friday morning business” near Trollhättan.
So there is a great chance that SUHRT surprise the Saab community again. Follow SU and You will be enlighten.
Drive safe to Trollhättan. But lets cause havoc there…. miles and miles of Saab enthusiasm. The Trolls will not mind!

5 thoughts on “Preparations for the Eastern Convoy”

  1. Have a great drive and an amazing weekend! I was supposed to tag along but had to cancel the trip just a couple of days ago 🙁 Take care and drive, um, responsibly ^_^

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