‘Saab Cars – The Complete Story’

A new book about all Saab’s cars from well known Saab writer Lance Cole – formerly a regular features contributor to Saabs United / Trollhattan Saab, and the author of the book ‘Saab 99 & 900 – The Complete Story’ and numerous newspaper, magazine, and on-line articles about Saab, who has a new Saab book commissioned.

‘Saab Cars – The Complete Story’ will be published by the Crowood Press in late 2012. The book will be a heavyweight tribute to the design and of all Saab’s cars in a hardback, full colour, 300 photos, 100,000 word book. A leading motoring commentator has agreed to write the Foreword.

Lance says:” This book will be my tribute to Saab’s cars, the spirit of Saab, and to the depth of design that these wonderful cars and their ethos, encapsulate. I am grateful to the Crowood Press for their commitment to this unique book, and to motoring books in general. My fellow journalists rate Crowood’s Auto Series very highly, and it is a privilege to be writing my third title for Crowood. I have met Saab enthusiasts all over the world, and we all share that essential Saabness that is so meaningful. I intend to write a narrative on Saab that goes deep into the details of its design and its people. I shall also discuss the recent roller-coaster ride of effort and emotion that is the story of Saab’s survival.”

The book will feature in-depth engineering and design commentary and many new photos taken by Lance – who is also writing motoring features across several imprints, notably The Daily Telegraph’s widely respected Motoring Section. Lance, a trained designer and aerodynamics expert, has owned a 1968 Saab 99 mk1 and a 1984 Saab 900 GLi. A 9-5 has also passed his way, as well as numerous Citroens, and Volvos – about which he says as a dedicated Saabist, that he is ‘very relaxed’.

Lance’s previous Saab book published by Crowood, has been reprinted and is soon to become an e-book. His book on the Vickers VC10 airliner was also published by Crowood in 2000.

Anyone wanting information on the new book’s launch in 2012, or Crowood’s other motoring titles can email the publisher at [email protected]

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Is this why Lance has been so quiet lately?

I’m looking forward to his book!


I have the perfect spot on my coffee table for this book!


Hope that I can get it here in Portugal; if not, then amazon.co.uk will be getting business from me 😉

900 classic cab


Henrik B.

I can inform you, that it won’t be released before 2013. 🙁



I have Lance’s book on 99/900 and it is fantastic! Can’t wait for his new work.


I’ve got a spot on my bookshelves reserved for one. In case I get forgetful, please remind us when it is published!


Is there a book about the 9000?

I’ll join the queue for the next Lance Cole or Anders Tunberg books.


Put me down for a copy. I read ‘Saab 99 & 900 – The Complete Story’ which was super interesting.


I wonder if the book has several chapters covering the GM period? I’ve long said that there needs to be a book published called “Saab: The GM Years – Promises Unfulfilled” or something similar. Anyway with Lance’s title “Saab Cars – The Complete Story” I’m not sure that the story is complete yet. In fact I rather hope it isn’t. I think there will be many more tales to tell over the coming years.

Good luck Lance. I hope to buy a copy.

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