SU Octoberfest: Walnut Creek, CA (SF Bay Area) **UPDATED … Again

The SaabsUnited Oktoberfest, which is taking place on October 1, 2011 has become an international event.  For those that will be in or near the San Francisco Bay Area, during that time, Dirito Brothers Walnut Creek Saab will be hosting the SaabsUnited Octoberfest, representing California!

When: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Where: 2031 N. Broadway, Walnut Creek, CA 94596


  • Fun Saab-themed games and prizes (sponsored by State Of Nine)
  • Watch demos of and test drive all-new 9-3s, 9-5s, and 9-4Xs
  • The Bay Area Saab Club will be attending
  • Food and Drinks provided (sponsored by SaabsUnited)
  • SaabsUnited License Plate Frames for sale (with proceeds in support of Saab Employees)
  • Taking Orders For MapTun software upgrade at special event-discount.
  • Live video-streaming to and from:
    • Trollhättan, Sweden (ANA) from 9AM – 3PM
    • Surrey/Langley, Canada (Springman’s Saab) from 9 AM – 5PM

For everyone who plans on attending, please give me a shout in the comments!

26 thoughts on “SU Octoberfest: Walnut Creek, CA (SF Bay Area) **UPDATED … Again”

    • Great, I am glad to hear that the MInnesota Octoberfest is materializing as well, please shoot an email to [email protected] as more details (such as location) are available. No need to worry everyone: we will be keeping everyone up to date as these various Octoberfest locations continue to form. We will need to coordinate all of the video feeds so we can make sure this becomes one unified event!

    • More details will be coming soon. We will be keeping everyone updated as the Octoberfest, and its various locations around the world, develop.

  1. I wonder if UK Saab dealer/s, Maptun, Hirsch et al would be interested in replicating this event in the UK.
    More events around the world would mobilise the Saab community again and get some much needed publicity going…

      • RedJ is correct. Going to a dealer is a great place to start. Some are *far* more receptive than others so don’t be discouraged if you find a dealer that isn’t interested: try looking for another!

        Let us know if you find a host for a UK Octoberfest! [email protected]

    • Awesome! … The more the merrier!

      We don’t have a fixed schedule folks … yes, we’ll do some live streaming with our friends in Sweden, and Jason & Company at Springman’s Saab. But, the real fun will be centered around the amazing cars.

      The interest looks strong so I think we are looking at a big turn-out!

  2. Ryan, sounds like your gonna have a great turnout, may be just what your local Saab club needs to regroup and get them all wanting to have regular meets and to talk Saab.

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