SUHRT makes a October Fest car

When TimR and the rest of us in here at SU decided on doing the SAAB October Fest, I got Yet another crazy idea. SaabsUnited Historic Rally Team (SUHRT) should make a true HERO Saab car in record time. A car to be presented in at the October Fest in Trollhättan.
So to pull this project off (getting yet another car on the SUHRT production line, squeezing itself in-between the 99 Turbo Stig Blomquist RAC 1979, the service 900 Turbo and the 99 Turbo Frankfurt 1977 replica), I contacted some of the regular sponsors we have had for the last two years. The answer from around the globe, it has been just phenomenal so many companies who all  believe in Saab and want to be part of the celebrations in Trollhättan. People who like what we do in SUHRT carrying the rally/racing heritage torch high and bright. The car on the picture above was bought 2 days ago…

So far here are the guys/companies who makes it all possible. Mellowood Medical Canada (Mark Marcon, regular here at SU, Secrab Security Research Sweden, State of Nine USA, Atomic Auto USA, Sellholm Tuning Sweden (the guys who made the suspension and driveshafts to the Saab Phoenix Prototype, Forza/ Bilstein Sweden, KGK/Clarion Sweden, G-Partners/Sparco Sweden, Förenade Färg Sweden, RP Glasfiber Sweden, Abshot Signs/Donna Coupe UK, Beechwood Saab, UK, Brodit/ProClip Sweden , Visualeyes/Rayzer Sweden.

Anyone else who like to join this list of the Finest Saab supporting companies in the world! Just contact SUHRT and say what You could contribute. At the moment we would like to find us a tire company, brake company, exhaust company, bushings company and a turbocharger company. Or support to acquire those parts.

Please, next time You are out to buy something consider the sponsors of the SUHRT and SU.

We will keep You posted on the efforts in the few days that remains until the great party. The car has the right color for the project and actually really nice Ronal Alloys that are now to be painted in the same color as the car itself.

The cirrus white SWAN will be transformed into an even greater SWAN with strong wings in all respect in record time. Some and see the car LIVE in Trollhättan. To help me I will have Krister Sundman and Micael Öberg. (they drove our white 99 Turbo CC in this years Rally to the Midnight Sun.

Once again a BIG thank You to the great supporters and welcome all new!

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  1. Peter, Forza has supplied all shocks for our 99 Turbo cars they inconjuction with the Sellholm Springs “Ola Strömberg edition” is just a hoot of a match. Makes a 30 some year old car perform as a car right from the showroom floor of modern days. An old sponsor who we worked with some years ago has approached me the make the most intelligent light system on the market. See if they make it as sponsors.

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