Swedish Dealer Showing Enthusiasm


We had an email today that is really worth sharing. Now not being from Sweden myself, I know nothing of this dealer and would welcome them to send us a story about themselves, their staff and their commitment to the Saab brand. It’s great to hear from Swedish dealers that are standing behind the brand that for many years made them a lot of money. When things got tough not all of the dealers stood behind Saab and some have even been just as nasty as some of the Swedish media. Thank you to Bengt in Scania for sharing this story with us.


Sorry about my Swenglish!

I took a little spin in my Sonett today to check brakes and other things after some time in the garage. I visited our local Saab and Opel dealer Hörby Bil & Traktor www.bilotraktor.com  just to say hello and ask about how they are feeling about Saab and the future.

They normally just have open weekdays but today they had open house on a saturday and  there have been a lot of customers, all looking for Saabs. There is also some Saab customer  ordering the new 9-5 Combi. The Saab dealer was very enthusiastic about the future. He is looking forward to the start up at the factory and sent greetings to Trollhättan and the October Fest.

This small dealer in Hörby is well known for years in my part of Sweden, Scania. OK it´s small, no fancy buildings and so on but many Saab owners in Scania have their service done at the work shop.

All the best and see you at the October fest!


Bengt in Scania

15 thoughts on “Swedish Dealer Showing Enthusiasm”

  1. Bil & Traktor and Otto Olssons Bil are two dealers I hope Saab enthusiasts in Skåne (Scania) promote instead of the big Bilpartner as has stepped aside when it is hard times for Saab.

  2. For those of you who don’t read swedish, this picture just has to be translated – because its so fun! 😉

    The sign above the beautiful SAAB says: “CAR & TRACTOR”.

    I just guess this dealer also sells… Volvo ? Hehehehe LOEL (lots of evil laughter) ):-]

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