Swedish Saab Swap Meet


Today the Östgöta Saab Club has arranged the annual largest Saab Swap meeting in Sweden. Always on the first September Sunday in the province of Östergötland. Todays trading started right away at 8 AM with hundreds of excited customers looking for those parts needed for restoration projects or just maintaining an old vintage Saab. The parking lot for “nice” Saabs where filled with two-strokers, V4´s and all sorts of Turbo powered cars. It is quite noticeable that even the vintage meeting now has many Turbos around. That is of course quite natural since the oldest Turbos now are more than 30 years old. SUHRT found some nice parts both for the rally cars but also for the special project of making the Frankfurt ´77 replica Turbo.

In bright sunshine happy smiling people had a blast and most people lest around 2 PM with the trunks filled with great stuff. I spoke to people from Germany, Holland, Denmark and Finland, saw a 9-7 with Belgian plates as well. So it was quite international. Lots of people had read and heard of the October Fest in Trollhättan and planned to attend. Who knows it might be really BIG. SUHRT tied a great sponsorship connection with Würth, pleased to announce that.

Saw this car companys badge among Saab badges a sign in the sky will the two once be a couple???

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  1. My dad had 3 Lancia’s, I drove them all but they dissolved in front of me. However one took me to a stage on the 1979 Scottish Rally where Stig Blomqvist pulled up in a 99T and I got infected by Saab. Hannu Mikola was just ahead on the road in the first Quattro but the 99 was the better car in my book.

  2. Saab has cooperated with Lancia before, both with the Saab-Lancia 600 and the development of the Saab 9000/Lancia Thema. 🙂

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