Vladimir plans for Jensen says Autoweek

Our Saab friend Vladimir Antonov is having new plans for CPP the plant where they make Spyker.

This is what AutoWeeks writes.

CPP, a British specialist automotive group co-owned by Russian businessman Vladimir Antonov, said it will build a modern version of the iconic Jensen Interceptor grand tourer, starting in 2014.

Healey Sports Cars Switzerland, which owns the Jensen brand, has appointed CPP to engineer, develop and build the car, CPP said on Tuesday.

CPP will build the Interceptor in a new factory on the site of the former Jaguar Browns Lane plant in Coventry, England. A team of Coventry-based design consultants has completed the styling of the car, which has already gained significant customer interest, CPP said.

The new Interceptor will echo the four-seat grand tourer layout of the original car built between 1966 and 1976. It will be based on an all-new aluminum chassis and handcrafted aluminum body.

CPP said the public unveiling of the Interceptor is planned for late 2012, with deliveries to customers beginning in 2014. It did not give details of production volumes or pricing for the car.

Brendan O’Toole, co-owner of CPP, said: “The Jensen design team has respected and honored the great heritage and attributes of the original Interceptor, while injecting a contemporary edge and advanced technologies that will ensure it appeals to the passionate, discerning motoring enthusiast of today.”

Liam Cardiff, director of Healey Sports Cars, said: “Our dream of seeing the Jensen and Interceptor badges once again adorning the bonnets of beautiful, modern, British-built GT cars has come closer to reality.”

Earlier this month, CPP said it will consolidate its automotive operations at Browns Lane in the British Midlands.

The company currently carries out component manufacturing, body-in-white engineering, prototype vehicle production and low-volume vehicle assembly in five locations in Coventry.

Read more: http://www.autoweek.com/article/20110920/CARNEWS/110929997#ixzz1YZb2yxej

Read more: http://www.autoweek.com/article/20110920/CARNEWS/110929997#ixzz1YZaEMdtD

10 thoughts on “Vladimir plans for Jensen says Autoweek”

  1. Lets hope they have more success than the last attempt to revive Jensen.

    As I recall, the last attempt was based in Redditch, Worcestershire, U.K. and it died out in about 2006/2007.

    So much for my source in the West Midlands Auto industry regarding the Browns Lane site for Saab’s plan xyz (or whatever).

    • I’ve just been checking into the last revival attempt of Jensen.

      They died out in 2002 and were actually based in Merseyside in the North West of England.

      There was an attempt to buy out the remains and base it in Redditch (I lived there at the time, but left in late 2002 moving to West Cumbria). I guess I lost touch and on my return to the West Midlands in 2007 I heard that they had gone bust. Memory is a fickle thing.

      Wishing CPP and VA the best of luck with Jensen. I remember my Uncle Bob had an Interceptor III when I was a child (he also had an E type Jag whcih he wrote off) it was a stunning looking car and sounded great. I can’t remember if I ever rode in it though.

      Had a race with one in the ’80s on my Suzuki GSX750ES. It was quick but not as quick as a Saab 900 Turbo that I came across in the same year (1983).

  2. Will it be 4wd as a successor to the innovative Interceptor FF which was probably the first road going sports car with 4wd predating the Audi Quattro as well as with ABS, which up until then had only been used on aircraft.l

  3. Looks good this design study. But the back of the car must be shortened and should more look like the old interceptor back. There should be a market for such a car. A new rival to Aston Martin.
    Distribution via Spyker dealers? I know a couple Saab dealers able to sell this brand also.
    Also maybe Saab could do some prototype work and technology implementation for CPP/ Jensen.

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