What is a 420BHP featherweight psychopath??

(First of all I want to say that I have written this post because I love what Neo Brothers are doing, and not because they are now sponsors for SaabsUnited, like RBM, Hirsch, Maptun ans many others.)

When some of us see things like this

we say, WOW it looks good, and we go on with the next picture or the next post. But not so for the guys at NeoBros.

They put a request on the classifieds for a 96, and thought about a politically correct amount of power such a car could have.

But political correctness is not their way of doing things and thought that something like their current race car, a 2004 9-3 Sport Saloon that happen to be the World’s most powerful Saab 9-3 Sport B207 with Trionic 8 management, with 418 BHP and 444 Nm of torque, would fit better a 96 based track car.

With a planed dry weight of about 900 kg, the 96 would have a weight to power ratio of 2.14 kg/hp, and be in the same league as the KTM X-bow R (2.63 kg/hp) or the Ariel Atom 3 (2.1 kg/hp) or the Catterham R500 (1.92 kg/hp) or a more sophisticated Aston Martin One-77 (2.14 kg/hp)

In June they got the 96 that in the months after that is being the base for one of the most exciting projects I’ve seen lately.

The car has a dry weight of 882 kg, it won’t be easy to stay below 900 kg.

Then they searched for a donor for the power plant, chassis and floor plant and found a blue 2004 Saab 9-3 Sport Aero with 68k miles on the clock.

So after stripping some parts that are not needed in the project, they bought a big shoehorn to squeeze the left one into the right one.

So after making some precise cuts here and there, they created the Saab 9-6, at least as I call it.

It is even lighter than the original 96, so if they add a seat they will still stay below 900 kg!!! πŸ˜‰

But with those extremely aerodynamic wheels you can only run at 80 kph, and this is not really racing speed.

If I were in charge of this project, I think this would be the end product, racing wheels and a hood, who needs more? 😎

But the guys at Neo Brothers know their job better than I do, and that is why they started working on the the body, getting the doors right, and adding some fenders to the front and rear to cover the wheels, and a rear diffuser for the right looks.

Then they played around with a 9000 Aero side skirt, and although it looks good, the height of the front and the rear parts have to be put on level as it looks a little bit odd.

So currently the front of the car looks quite finished,

and they’re still working on the rear fenders to get a better visual balance of the floor line of the car.

So now you know what featherweight psychopath is or looks like. We will follow the project, and when the bodywork is finished we will post some pictures.

For the ones that can’t wait to see the progress of this project, you can follow this thread at UKSaabs.

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It’s heresey and blasphemy on so many levels that I can’t even start to count them. πŸ˜‰

I really, really like this project, and have been following it from the start.
I can not wait to see the finished car ready for racing

hans h

I agree with you on all points. πŸ™‚


It now occurs to me that the Saab 96 is an excellent example of Saab’s time-less design. Only a few exterior design tweaks (and some larger interior design changes) would be needed to re-release this as a modern car.


Time-less design. Maybe it is a problem, too? How to develop something flawless? πŸ˜‰

Really nice pictures!


I hope whomever is working on Saab’s next coupe is looking at these pictures.

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