A Way Forward

Thats paraphrased from the Reorganization Plan that Lofalk has published for the meeting today. It is available for public consumption in Swedish or English, but I’ve reproduced it after the break.

Most of the highlights have been covered here already this morning, but there are more tidbits leaking out now, like:

  • 2012: 35.000 – 55.000 units are expected to be sold, sales are expected to rise to 78.000-86.000 in 2013.
  • Dealer and Consumer Incentives
  • New 9-3 in 2013/2014 [I believe this means a 2013 introduction with 2014 model year designation as the target]
  • New Premium Compact (9-1/2)
  • NG Premium Crossover (9-6X)
  • New Executive Luxury Car (9-7)
  • More local sourcing and licensing of tech to other Chinese partners

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Press release: Information On Restructuring Plan Saab Automobile

Trollhättan, Sweden: Swedish Automobile N.V. (Swan) announces that Saab Automobile AB and its subsidiaries Saab Automobile Powertrain AB and Saab Automobile Tools AB (together Saab Automobile) today present their preliminary reorganization plan to their creditors during a creditors’ meeting in Vänersborg, Sweden.

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The beauty of a Saab instrument cluster

Back in January I wrote a post on the instrument cluster of the 9-5 with the title I want my colours back.

Back then I said that I wanted Saab to move back to such an instrument panel as in the 9-5 first gen and the 9-3 first gen, or even the 9000, I think the instrument cluster was one of the reasons I bought my first Saab.

Today one of our readers has sent us one of those special pictures, at least for people who like numerology.

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Thoughts From Dealer World

The past six months or so have been trying to say the least for those of us in Saabs dealer world. We can look back to when this all started and the first shut down at the plant that was started when one supplier stopped deliveries, the start up shut down that happened shortly after. We can see how just as things were looking up and volumes were starting to be realized, the rug was pulled out from under us. For the first three months of 2011 Saab had sold just shy of 10,000 cars worldwide and were poised to release the 9-4X and 9-5 sport combi that was sure to add to sales volume. As dealers, management and sales staff, we can look back on all of this and be frustrated or we can look forward to the rebirth or whatever symbolism you would like to use for this great brand of ours. We still have a lot to be proud of and we now have partners that are ready to invest the money needed for us to all enjoy good times once again.

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Pang Qingnian: Captain of the coach

Muppen has found a very interesting video on the net. It is about Mr. Pang Qingnian, the head of the Youngman Group.

It is very interesting as it shows how he managed to evolve from building bicycle tyres to building 90% of all the luxury coaches that drive in China.

This video must be from 2009, or early 2010 and thus it is very interesting to hear at the end what are his plans for the Youngman car division.If this is what he pretends to do with a sub-brand based on Saab technology, then Saab has a bright future, as Saab will be able to deliver and so he will be able to pay the bills. 😉

Neo Brothers – The OFFICIAL Cadwell Park Saab Trackday Video 1st Oct 2011

Hi all,

We would like to invite you to watch our antics from our 2011 Saab trackday held at Cadwell Park in the UK. We had a fantastic turn out of over 40 Saabs ranging from factory condition Saab 96’s to Neo Brothers prepared 420BHP Saab 9-3 Sport track cars. Overall, the day was a huge success and was a great opportunity for like minded enthusiasts to gather and share Saab stories and also to explore their cars on a racing circuit.

Sit back and enjoy the next 4 and a half minutes…

(please turn the sound down if you do not like the Fword)


Roll on 2012 trackday ;)!

Neo Brothers

Till’s thoughts…

This morning as I posted the article from sverigesradio it was kind of surreal. This was the big news we had been waiting for and as they were there I could hardly believe it. Over the past six months all of us at SaabsUnited have been dealing with economical and financial issues to a grade that really got unhealthy. I can’t even estimate how many hours I spent on Skype, discussing with members of our team, about the latest news or how to see things and which opportunities the developments would bring. Sometimes it was real fun but on other occasions it was depressing. I never lost the faith that Saab would get through all that and I enjoyed to cover the developments here and give my opinion, but deep inside I was really longing to get back to writing about the cars again.

I had a few business dates today so I got to drive my 9-3 a bit and think about what this sale to Pang Da and Youngman (let’s call them PDYM from now on) would mean for Saab. I more or less put together my few cents on that in my head and I just feel like sharing them with you.

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A Very Tired Victor’s Thoughts, Plus Words from Tim Colbeck

I’m fairly tired and I’ve only been on the periphery of this for the past few days. I can’t imagine how Victor is fairing being in the center of the storm. I hope he gets some rest. He does plan to remain involved in some capacity. Thanks again, Victor.

Though Rune posted it this morning, I feel like it needs to come back to the top of the page. Some may wonder what’s going on with Spyker. I have news of that which I’ll share when I can. In the meantime we should all stay happy that Saab will remain in Sweden, albeit with lots of Chinese money behind it.

Lyssna: Victor Muller om att Saab blir kinesiskt

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