For those of You like myself is not speaking the language of Saabs future owners. It means something like “Welcome Pang Da & Youngman, to the Saab Family!“.

I spoke to a chinese born aerodynamics researcher in my office today, he gave it some thought it is not that easy to translate it straight light we do between Swedish and English.
I just hope it is right….
Guess it is time to embrace a new market, new buyers and Saab friends.
We already have quite a big traffic on the site from China but I bet it will increase now so a Big welcome to both you who are new to our site as well as the old regulars.

So what can we do for Saab now? Well as usual buy a new or near new Saab have it serviced and put all the bells and whistles our sponsors offers the dedicated Saab owner. Even if there might be some weeks before production ramps up there are NEW cars out there for immediate delivery ads well as used NG 9-5 and 9-3 models.
I bet the best price for a new or near new car is NOW!

Do the same thing as I saw an hour ago at Svenska Bil Saab dealership in Stockholm when I picked up my serviced NG 9-5. I young couple checking out the NG 9-5 Sedan. To my surprise they where of most probably a chinese family. I saw that as a sign in the sky…. The sorrowful thing was that there where NO sales people around just a sign on the desk asking prospective buyers to look for a non Saab salesperson. Should I mention they where out of sales booklets. What to say. Hope sales people around the world are up on their toes now!

88 thoughts on “欢迎庞大青年入萨博!”

    • Isn’t this extremely premature?

      Hasn’t any announcement coming from SAAB this year been premature? This isn’t a done deal; this is a “memorandum of understanding” which still does not indicate a finalized contract for SAAB.

    • GM has decided not to decide untill every other instances have. If – in some weeks – all other instances have said Yes, this will in it self make a pressure on GM. IF GM still blocks I suggest we mobilize our protest-actions towards GM once again… 😉

        • Not only pissed but I would imagine they have some kind of contract with GM that is going to make it very difficult for GM to approve another company building GM based or derived products in China. If I recall, BAIC is making old gen 9-5s under a Buick name but I am not sure.

          But I am sure this is going to pose real headaches for GM with its partner contracts.

          • That would be SAIC, GM’s China partner, who are making Buick on the same platform as NG9-5.

            BAIC only bought OG9-5 and platforms for NG9-3 until 2006.
            But I suspect that they are p*ssed off anyway.

          • I think GM will not allow SAAB produce NG 9-5,current 9-3 and 9-4x, allow saabs made in china will come from phoenix platform. Start from 2013 new 9-3.

          • Yes, that would be my assumption too.

            Chinese production will take time to prepare anyway, so start will probably be the Next gen 9-3 on a Phoenix platform, freed from any GM IP.
            But I would also imagine that preparation for production in China would fit in with that timescheme.

  1. I tend to agree with you but Saab has been through such a hard time in the past few months that it must be really difficult not to get carried away.

    Lets hope this is the start of great times for Saab.

    Griffin Up! Cuore Sportivo!

  2. One of those tricky judgement calls. Victor Muller was very positive in his press conference this morning, but positivity is clearly in his nature, and a necessary part of the game. But don’t forget, there is REAL money on the table now, which will settle a lot of issues for a lot of people.
    Victor hinted this morning that GM might be the awkward ones. I can believe that.

  3. June: PangDa and Youngman offer 240 million Euros for 53 percent of Saab
    October: PangDa and Youngman offer 100 million Euros for 100 percent of Saab.

    December?: PangDa and Youngman offer 12 Euros and can of warm soda for 100 percent of Saab and all future earnings of former Saab employees…

  4. That was a quick turnaround 😀

    Not too long ago TIMR was wondering in his post that “is a Chinese Saab really a Saved Saab?”, and comments-section was filled with comments making fun of Volvo’s Chinese owners.

    Hey, of the politicians can do it, why can’t Saab-fans 😉

    • The Buicks made in China are still Buicks.
      The Audis and Mercedes made in China are still Audis and Mercedes.
      Any Saabs made in China will still be Saabs.
      All of the above remain in the Chinese market.

      • Audi and Mercedes and Buick are not owned by the Chinese; the design and CONTROL is in Europe / US. A 100% Chinese-owned Saab is materially different.

        • Look at Volvo, I think they would follows the same route. PD/YM they also know that a made in China Saab can only sold in Chinese Market. For global market EU and US, if they still want to sell cars in these places, they should keep the Sweden plant running. You guys should be more confident about the quality Made in Sweden compared with that Made in China. If one day, Made in China is the same as that Made in Sweden, that is the time you guys should worry, but if like that, I think the cost of Made in China would be similar to that Made in Sweden. So, Why worry so much?
          The design should be always in Sweden, because even Chinese prefers Design in Sweden than Design in China, not to mention that Chinese doesn’t have the ability to design a good car.

          • Don’t discount the Chinese! They just leapfrogged the Koreans by buying two very competent and technology driven car companies – Volvo and Saab, turn-key!
            Remember laughing at Korean cars as “disposable” a few years back? Nobody laughs at Korean cars now. Give the Chinese a couple of years and nobody will laugh at their cars, regardless of where they are built. Who says they can’t put different “faces” on basically the same platforms intended for different markets? If and when they do, and the price is right, I will buy one.

          • @ USAaber October 28, 2011 at 18:51

            Don’t discount the Chinese! They just leapfrogged the Koreans by buying two very competent and technology driven car companies – Volvo and Saab, turn-key!

            Really? What does SAAB produce that is comparable to the Genesis, the Equus, or heck, even the Sonata Hybrid?

            Saab is different; somewhere between sporty sedan (with iffy performance) and luxury sedan with good ergonomics and great winter handling. I still don’t see how China has leapfrogged South Korean auto tech by any stretch of the imagination.

    • Why?

      A new Saab will need new people.
      One of the major reasons for it’s downfall was the people that forgot that they were no longer part of Big Brothers Holding Company.
      If there is now a new Big Brother, he is a very different creature from both GM and SWAN

      • I do believe Simon Padian and JAJ are good Saab legacy. Saab thrives on continuity, and needs it. JAJ turned Saab from a relic of joyful garage carmaking era to a thriving modern premium automaker. Simon translated Saab’s heritage into modern, unique design language.

        That said, whoever’s left in sales and marketing department, as well as product management, should be packing ASAP. To have that great products, such an enthusiast base AND Steven Wade on the payroll and scarcely sell anything – what a waste!

        • With all due respect for JÅJs accomplishments and skills, I don’t think his skill set and humble personality is what Saab needs now.

          I agree about Simon, though, and even more about the sales and marketing department. That was always the key to success, and that’s were everything failed. That could of course be due to allocation of funds.

          • I do believe JAJ’s skills and humble personality is just what Saab needs now. The persistence to pull through and resume production, convince the suppliers to keep their demands and expectations low in spite of the vision of China’s big coffers rising in everybody’s eyes, humbly and tirelessly convince the Chinese to keep Saab a Swedish company, or Youngman’s Volvo if you please. He is also the “old” face of Saab the market needs to convince the smoke and mirrors days of VM are gone and we are back to substance and great cars.

            OTOH, Saab needs an energetic sales and marketing lead with the potential to reignite passion in importers, dealers and customers alike, to totally shake up this stale leg that crumpled under the weight of independent Saab and make full use of Swade’s social media prowess. Somebody to take the best of Swedish creativity and flood the Internetz with it.

            Saab needs a balance of experience + humility AND daring creativity, but both tied to strong results. Saab needs to be the company spoken of, not the company that speaks.

          • We will probably not agree on bringing JåJ and Padian back, I think that there are other people already in the organization better suited, but we do in a very high degree agree on your last sentence:

            Saab needs to be the company spoken of, not the company that speaks.

        • .
          Who says Steven will now stay in his current position……deep down, I probably think he will be disappointed with this…..although happy Saab will still exist..

          What about the Saab name, what going to happen there.

          • I respect JåJ and Padian, but personally, I would like to see someone who has experience turning around a flailing automotive company. Personally, I would like to see Wolfgang Bernhard get the top spot at Saab. He definitely has the experience to pull it off. Plus, I think he would be a good fit.

  5. I am impressed with VM and Pang Da. I will have to decide if I will ever buy a SAAB from a Youngman-owned SAAB. Youngman knocked Hawtai out of the picture simply because they petitioned the Chinese goverment first. Youngman did not frong SAAB as much money as Pang Da. Youngman jumped into Pang Da’s game (I know because of the “petition”) and now has 60% vs. their 40% of potential ownership. Youngman reneged on money that they were going to pay SAAB and tried to put VM over a barrel.

    Youngman are nothing but a bunch of bullies. Some would call that schrewed business, fine. That is not a compliment in my book. You suck, Youngman.

    • You are wrong. YM’s chairman is a big fan of SAAB. At last bid when GM sell SAAB, YM want to bid for it but GM doesn’t want SAAB become a Chinese-own company. At this bid, YM are the first one to talk with Saab as early as January. It is the one really want to have a deal with SAAB. They almost make a deal at March. However, at March Saab ran out of money and told YM you should pay 30M immediately otherwise Saab will be in trouble and there is not point for negotiation. But you should know, China is a foreign exchange control country, YM doesn’t have the exchange quota to pay this money even they have the money. Then SAAB go to Huatai. However after Huatai went to Sweden and had a look and found that Saab is black hole in finance at the time, they escaped away. After that Saab went to PangDa because PangDa is a trading company, it has lots of exchange quota and pay Saab immediately at the time. But the problem is that, PangDa doesn’t have the licence to make car and YM already made the petition with NDRC. Thus finally YM is in. I am confident with YM’s finance, their business in China is good except their Lotus car sales.

      Lots of news said Geely is not interested in SAAB. Instead, I think they are very interested in, just NDRC will not allow it to do that coz YM is already the first one.

      • While all of that is true it has nothing to do with my disappointment. I am upset with the way Youngman went about this. I value honesty and keeping one’s word. Not getting an asset at the lowest price possible by any means necessary. You don’t treat people like objects. SAAB might be a “company” but it employs people. I feel that Youngman has treated thousands of people with less than the respect that they deserve. They only changed their tune when NSC was brought to the table.

        I don’t trust them. They will have to earn my trust and it may take months or years.

        • But when you look at what I wrote above: SAAB with YM -> SAAB with Huatai -> SAAB with PD -> SAAB with PD+YM, you can see that who is not honesty with the deal. I didn’t blame on SAAB because at the time they really need money so who have the money, they would go with the one. But lots Chinese medias laughed at this and consider the deal with SAAB is a joke. For YM, I am not saying good for it. But don’t forget, even SWAN declared the deal signed at JULY is void, PD/YM said it is still valid.

          As NSC, I think it is just a strategy for VM to negotiate with PD/YM to get a decent price, coz the price they offer to takeover is too low at the begging. Thus for the first take over offer, it is not like VM said the 100% take over would end SAAB, it is just the price not make VM satisfied.

          • I’d rather not comment too much on NSC’s role, but suffice it to say they were not/are not a tactic, they were a plan B for quite some time. To those of you wondering why they didn’t just go the NSC route instead of this chosen Chinese path, it comes down to a few reasons, number one being exhaustion. It’s a very interesting tale, one that may never be told publicly.

        • NAte,
          fido a quickbird are locals. I think their look at the whole from a different, and very interesting, point of view.

          If quickbird is right, then there is no reason to be that angry towards YM.

          • Where I come from you don’t turn the screws to people just because you can. It’s as simple as that. No matter how this deal came to be there was still a point where Youngman used it leverage in a way that I do not feel was honorable. That is all that I am saying. And if VM did not suspect it from them he would not have pulled NSC into the picture. If he did not have NSC we may not have all of the negotiations in the past 72 hours. These negotiations would not have been necessary if YM did not withhold 59 of the 70 million dollars as SAAB dangled in the wind.

  6. Well, it`s all happening now, isn`t it – but read on – there`s that hated EIB still lurking in the background. It`s still not clear whether YMPD (can anyone come up a SAAB song based on that Village People number YMCA?) are buying SAAB and its debts or not.
    (Reuters) – The owner of Swedish car maker Saab will hold talks with U.S. auto maker General Motors (GM.N) to convince it of the merits of a sale of Saab to Chinese investors, it said on Friday.

    General Motors has preference shares in Saab, supplies it with parts and is a creditor. Its permission for the planned sale of Saab to China’s Pang Da Automobile Trade Co (601258.SS) and Zhejiang Youngman Lotus Automobile Co for 100 million euros is needed, along with that of the Chinese authorities and the European Investment Bank, which has lent money to Saab.

    Swedish Automobile chief executive Victor Muller, whose company is selling Saab, said he had so far only had a “brief dialogue” with GM about the planned sale, but hoped to convince them of the benefits of it.

    “It is way too early to make a statement about whether this is going to be easy or not,” he added.

    • Funny thing about EIB..
      I think, as in speculate, that EIB is not going to be a problem.
      I also think that if they are, they will be paid back

      GM Speculation:.

      GM paranoia will probably be the biggest stumbling block, but as far as I remember Chinese production is planned for a few years ahead. (2014-16?)
      Which would probably mean that the IP of the Phoenix platform will be almost GM free, and the current cars will be old GM IP.
      In the meantime GM will be Saabs biggest supplier.

  7. I have a dream, a big dream, I buy a Saab Griffin Convertible in April 2011, and see there is my dream!!! The Saab is coming and everybody tells me to buy a Mercedes? BMW?, Audi but I believe 8 months in a wonder…. We go here in Belgium with all the Saab lovers for a big party in 2012, Thanks Sweden, Thanks MR Muller, I’m looking for the summer with my SaabsUnited plate on my Griffin Convertible, Made in Sweden.

  8. Yes, welcome indeed! This really could be very exciting. Remember that the Chinese bring with them enormous experience in manufacturing and, in particular, success in the selling of cars. In fact, if you were looking for the highest achieving car salesmen from the whole world, then surely Mr Pang of Pang Da would be at or close to the top of that list. IMHO Saab is very lucky to have attracted new owners of such experience and substance. They also have a huge and rapidly growing potential local market at their fingertips, which will almost certainly mean that Saab will be at or above break-even very rapidly from its THN base, once the marketing and product development kick in.

    Also, don’t believe one word that all these other various bodies could put a spanner in the works (sorry!). Do you think that YMPD acted without close coordination with the NDRC? In fact it was probably the latter who orchestrated the end negotiations. And do you think that no-one thought to pick up the telephone or to arrange a meeting with the other parties? In any case just about everyone is interested in Saab prospering.

    You know, with the Chinese involvement the outcome of all this could be absolutely spectacular. I can imagine THN running three shifts to keep up with demand before production for the local market can be initiated in China.

    Welcome indeed!

    • Also, don’t believe one word that all these other various bodies could put a spanner in the works (sorry!). Do you think that YMPD acted without close coordination with the NDRC? In fact it was probably the latter who orchestrated the end negotiations. And do you think that no-one thought to pick up the telephone or to arrange a meeting with the other parties? In any case just about everyone is interested in Saab prospering.


  9. Well i have a dream too, to afford to buy a new 9-5 Aero i Norway (150000 dollar). But i think i have to win the lotto first 🙁

    But thats in a personal level, beside that i hope Saab lives
    and conquer the world….in small numbers…200000 cars a year is enough 🙂

    …and i welcome our new owner and i hope that they recruite a Swedish new boss. If the behave as Huawai does in the mobile phone department they will lose this battle. No control and a lot arrogance!

    I hope this site will help our new owner to make the right judgment calls. If they ar smart, they will check in from time to time!

  10. I´m a bit observant, there have been so many turns and twists. VM did a great job so far but there are still a few uncertainties. I am still aware of “the other side of the story”. But of course the champagne is getting colder … 😉

  11. I am surprised no one is concerned about the engineers. Saab is all about them. What assurances do we have that they will remain with Saab. A Chinese engineered Saab is not a Saab I will own.

    • What assurance do you have to start speculating about that already? 😉 Keep calm, I’m confident that VM wouldn’t sign a deal that’d break one of the cornerstones, Swedish design and engineering, of Saab. I’m also confident that PangDa and Youngman are very much aware of these things.

      • To be fair, you’re trying to fight against speculation by using, err, speculation. When you say “I’m confident that VM wouldn’t…”, what is that except speculation?

        • But my “speculation” is based on the interview with Victor (posted here on SU) and the quote of Victor saying that the deal is a success for Trollhättan. Sure, I don’t KNOW more than the other guy, but my assumptions still have some validity to them.

    • rcase13,
      Volvo needs some engineers, but this is not because all the old ones left Volvo when Geely bought the brand from Ford, but because Volvo was using some engineering services from Ford.

      If the guys in Göteborg did so, why should the guys in THN act differently?

        • He is already being sued for 11 million SEK (standard fee?) by another company for what he did (or didn’t do) during another reconstruction.


          • Yes. So what? I bet the case gets dismissed. Think about it. If every time an administrator who is court appointed does something a company doesn’t like gets sued and is liable, administrators will quickly be in very short supply. It is no different than being a judge. He has a job to do just like a judge and judges are immune from suit.

          • Sue or don’t sue doesn’t matter to me because it has nothing to do with Saab going forward with what is on the table right now. On the other hand though, with what davidgmills is saying is quite true….. the only thing with a lawyer different then the judge in my mind would be that if a lawyer broke laws in misrepresenting the client then the client would have the right to sue. Although on one of his previous points, he was court appointed so I don’t know if that gives him more free reign or not???? I don’t know that I see it coming to something like that though, does Victor really want to go through that kind of trial???

  12. While this is good news this deal is still only 50% done. There have been too many ‘false dawns’ for me to get overly excited just yet.

  13. Hi, i need to share a story about Saab that i had to day. In my line of work i meet a lot of people, and sometimes they begine to speek about cars. Today i had an gentleman who have an Nissan Quasqai (how do you spell that) and he felt that the salesman who sold the car to him didn´t know sh-t about the car and he was angry because of that (why did he buy it, i thought) becasue the salesman told him that all the phones in the wöööörld could connect with the bluetooth system. Well an Nokia N9 could not, we realized. So a told him why did you not buy a Saab? ( It was not in my place to ask that question, but i did) He said! I have friends who have Saab and they like there cars, but i have nevet tought about it. I asked, have you seen the new 9-5? No, he said. Så i googled the cheapest black Vector i could find and showed him. He looked at it and said, next time a buy a car it will be a Saab!!!

    I kid you not, the man had never seen the car and 3 sec look i would like to buy it.
    We need to let the world see this car!

    Here is the link to the car i showed him,

    Sorry for my bad english. But it´s not my native language

    • Tell the guy to take his phone to the dealership the next time he buys a car.

      BTW, I could tell a similar story with a VW Passat.

      But I think most people change their mobile phones more often than their cars. 😉

  14. Let us hope that all the parties which have a stake in this says yes. Swedish government I do not think will say no, NDO (Swedish authority) I am pretty sure that they will not say no (there is not a single reason that they should not approve this), GM , why should they say no, all technology available except for Chevrolet Volt/Opel Ampera is basically something you can buy on the open market and the platforms that are licensed 9-3 (from 2002 development started 1997 – 1998, 9-5 Epsilon II Launched by Opel/Buick in 2009). Still myself and my wife just love the cars, they just have the thing that some of us look for. BMW produces cars in China (in joint ventures), why should they not want to sell engines, still have high enough competences and brand not to be afraid to sell complete products (engines) to Saab.

    European Investment bank approved Volvo/Geely deal and why should they not approve this if the Swedish Government/NDO approves it (Which they will),

    I have been working at Saab/GM and I learned a lot, mainly at Saab ( learning to do things with very limited resources and very short connections to top management, and from GM how to understand big complex organisations).

    Still the family choice of cars is Saab, the one that we buy ourselves, my company cars is the other brand with origins from Sweden (only choise, no I do not work at Volvo Cars but the other Volvo company making bigger vehicles, multi brand).

    Back to basics (Why do we wnat a SAAB, or my self or a wife)

    1. It is a statement. I am different.
    2. Latests desing evolutions (9-3 and new 9-5 just makes a difference, you recognise them in the traffic, even in Sweden where i live.
    3. Interior design, looks like nothing else (still I think that the quality “feel” could be improved)
    4. Winter driving capabilities ( Almost comparable to 4WD but not fully)
    5. Seats (8 hours drive is not a problem, limit is your own preparations for the trip, if you have slept etc)
    6. Our local dealer service support (A bit expensive if you compare with the once that offers the “cheap deals but, you get a very good service and a good directions if you say that you wnat to make sure that you do not want to come in between services). If something goes wrong they just fix it, eventhough it is my fault, I picked up my car 7.30 pm on friday (evening), no extra charge)

    Griffin up, from a lojal SAAB family that will not only have SAABs but would like to replace one of our cars (a Saab) with a new one from this x-trodinary company (9-3X, 9-4X or a 9-5 Sport Combi , 2012 is on our shopping list, Just wnat a complete test drive, It is still a lot of money so you want to be sure of your chise)

  15. This is just splendid, terrific what more can we say. It’s almost anti-climatic because of all the emotional energy spent on this.

    Imagine driving up to Shangri La, in Tibet with the Turbo thinking it’s Pikes Peak and the driver has an oxygen mask on! Awesome!

      • SAAB was in a very similar situation to the Canadian Arrow, the most advanced technological aircraft ever built until recent times and then it could do things the F-22 or Gripen can’t.

        It was sabotaged buy inept government bumbling. This clip shows what a small company with great engineers are capable of. Instead of the infamous “Black Friday” (Canadians know what I mean) we just have had a great Friday to always remember. Enjoy this clip from one of my favorite movies!

        • Also remember the British TSR2, highly advanced, ahead of the curve engineering, cruelly killed by the British government for politics.

          • The world should be ruled by engineers, instead of politicians. Some of the crap (to use a mild word) dreamt up by politicians amount to nothing less than technology vandalism.

            50 years from now, when the BRIC countries have a strong presence in technological skills, I wonder how many in the west will look back and feel sorry for the lose of engineering skills and expertise caused by political games.

          • 50 years from now?

            I think since the 1950’s the decline is obvious. Particularly in the UK

            in 50 years from now all anyone in the West will care about is what’s on TV.

          • Peter,
            The Arrow parts at The Air museum in Ottawa will never make a plane again. But it was nice to see front cockpit part that they hid away. Well The US took all The Arrows engineers and employed them in The Apollo Project. At Duxford I hope You saw The Saab 35 Dragon.

  16. 欢迎庞大青年入主萨博 means:
    Welcome Pangda Youngman to Lead Saab 🙂

    Pangda Youngman combined means in Chinese Huge Powerful Youngman, hope it will mean the great car SAAB’s future, a totally new re-birth.

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