Saab timing is important.

Whatever type Saab You drive or fly, timing is always very important. Saabs future is now dependent on accurate timing on could say.
One part of Saabism is the various timekeepers their owners use on their wrists and in cockpits.
I have as part of my watch collection some interesting Saab watches and timekeepers with historical importance for Saab.
– The Turbo X watch
– Original 99 Turbo Watch
– The 9-3 watch (one of them all, Saab made a load of different ones)
– The anniversary watch from 1987
– Historical Heuer Rally set used in 60-70 ies by the Saab Rally department
– Omega Olympic Offical Rally FIA timekeeper with Rattrapante function (split-second chronograph)
I am looking for one unique Saab watch if You have seen this one the IWC Mellow Yellow Saab 9-3 watch

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Hi Trued…I have one….wanna have it?

Black Arrow

They had one for sale


Very nice watch indeed, I remebered this one, but apparently it has been sold (was’t cheap though;)

Kinglake SAAB

Have you seen the SAAB Dunhill watch Jorgen ? Got one 🙂


I’d love to get my hands on the “Saab” Maurice de Mauriac Modern Chronograph. Stunning watch!

Toby K

This is without a doubt my favourite. Also manufactured for Saab Aerospace.

I had never heard of them until Saab did an accessorie catalogue about 5 years ago and the price was tempting but expensive at around £1500.
but that said this guy is a fantastic horologeur-his kit is first class and rivals other well know Swiss automatic watchmakers.

Anyone that really knows their stuff and appreciates workmanship and fine quality in watch design generally goes for a no-quartz movement and that generally leads most discerning folks I know to automatics.

I still want one but can’t find them anymore.


Yes, it same same watch I mentioned above, the Maurice de Mauriac Modern Chronograph. They cost $2500 USD. I think the short run of the Saab version is sold out. Elk parts sold them for a short time.


I want that 9.3 watch! Is it for sale? 😉


Quite an impressive collection, Jörgen. Very nice! I only recognize the 99 Turbo watch, haha.


Anyone interested in the IWC Limited Mark XII Mellow Yellow? I would sell mine…of course with original box and papers.

Iain Whittaker

I would be very interested in the IWC `Mellow Yellow`..would i need another mortgage!? Please email at [email protected] if you are interested in selling.
All the best


I wish (Tag) Heuer would offer a current wristwatch with the look of the vintage Master Time you have there. It seems the only thing they can do these days is suck every ounce of blood out of the McQueen mystique.

Karl Ask

I miss the nice 95 reveu thommen watch !


I like flight computer watches; they may be a bit chunky but they have a lot of great features. I had three: a Seiko flight computer (gave it away because it was just too big), I currently own two flight computer watches (no dressy watches because they’re boring): I like it because the digital display can be turned off, plus it’s a “negative LCD” so when the display is off, it is totally blacked out and looks like an analog-only watch. I also own this watch: Both are great; integral slide rule ideal for fuel and other calculations,… Read more »

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