9-3 Griffin heading to the USA

Yes, I know that production is still halted, and thus no 9-3 is being build for the North American market, but Saab Cars of North America seems to prepare for the best (and only) outcome of this affair, and information about the MY 12 9-3, also known as the 9-3 Griffin in some parts of Europe, have begun to arise.

Frank Wulfers from SaabWorld wrote about the catalogue of the 9-3 MY 12 being available.

Only one engine will be available, namely the same 2L direct injected turbo engine found in the 9-5 that will sport 220 hp, or 260 hp with some kind of Swiss love.

And yesterday one of our readers sent us a link with the price list of the MY 12 at Edmunds.

Comparing that list with the BYC list at the Saab USA site, those are still MY 11, you will only miss the 9-3 SC Aero. But I don#t know if many of those have been sold in the past.

Some prices have come down, while the base Turbo4 has the same price, the Aero Sedan is $1,000 less expensive, and the reduction is even higher on convertibles. This said, I have not checked if the My 11 and MY 12 are identically equipped, or if MY 12 are better equipped than MY 12.

The estimated EPA mileage is also somehow better for the new engine, while the MY 11 Turbo4 manual FWD was giving you 21/31 (cty/hwy) the new more powerful engine will give you 20/33 according to Edmunds. The AWD wit automatic transmission improves the mileage from 17/27 to 18/29.

I can’t find the terms of the current warranty, but those are the ones for the MY 12

  • Basic: 4 yr./ 50000 mi.
  • Drivetrain: 4 yr./ 50000 mi.
  • Free Maintenance: 3 yr./ 36000 mi.
  • Roadside: 4 yr./ 50000 mi.

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    • That is the standard warranty time period for most companies. Most mfgs no longer do the maintenance plan unless you pay extra. I know from working for Infiniti for the last few years the warranty plan is:

      4 yr / 60,000 mile bumper to bumper plus roadside
      5 yr / 70,000 mile powertrain
      7 yr / 100,000 miles corrosion protection.

  1. Good news but . . . .
    Saab has to climb out of a huge hole in the US market. The public mostly thinks they were killed off years ago by GM and the events of the last 6 months has pretty well been putting in coffin nails. The issue that Saab US can simply carry on as before shows an ignorance of reality.

    The dealer base is decimated. Advertising, when they did have production, was so poor that it did little to sell any cars.

    The problem is not the product, it’s the perception by the US car buying public. Some VERY bold moves are required.

    First and foremost is warranty. If Saab does not believe they have a superior product then why should the public think they should take a chance on a back from the grave company. Additionally giving a good warranty costs NOTHING more for Saab in the near term, only 5 years out when they would be a more financially viable entity. The warranty bumper to bumper must increase at least by 2 years to 6 years and the mileage to 100,000. And a drive train warranty of 10 years and 120,000 miles. If this sounds radical, just remember that the Koreans hit this market with very cheap cars and salved the public with 10 year 100,000 warranty. In less than a decade they have now become a dominant volume force.

    Second, whilst we faithful are convinced the models have parity or superiority to the Germans brands and a price basis. the public does not believe it. Pricing needs to be aggressive and definitely below those they would LIKE to compete with. This means much lower sticker prices, but prices that more represent what the cars will actually sell for.

    Third, Content. The next 9-3 generation (Gosh, I sure hope we get there !) will finally get us caught up with the now necessary level of electronic equipment and entertainment etc. What needs to occur now is to assure that we do not offer crippled models. The cheap display on the NG 9-5 is an example. Maybe Nav does not need to be standard on all models, but the display should be color and the same as the Nav display. This is nothing new for other brands. This part of the car is intensely scrutinized by a large segment of the market, and Saab should stand out in this area.

    I greatly fear for a renewed Saab company that literally disappears from the US market.

  2. Off topic kinda, but does anyone know if Saab is still offering any special leasing in the US? 9-3 or 9-5? Any leases ever pushed for the 9-4x?

    Saab was doing a $399 with a few thousand down on the 9-5. Did that go away when Saab almost went away? I don’t see it anywhere anymore.

      • Maybe Saab will offer some new lease deals when they start sending over new 9-3 and 9-5 shipments again. I do like the 9-4x, but I think a return of the 9-5 lease at around the same cost as the 9-4x would be too tempting to pass up. That might just depend on wether or not Saab starts sending all 9-5 over here with the color displays installed. The green pixel displays scream “I am the cheapest afterthought in the universe” to me. Thanks for the info.

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