“A Little Game with Saab Parts USA”

When you order stuff (?) online,  there is sometimes a comment box at the end before you hit the order button.
Some websites should call it “bonus box”

A few days ago we got this mail from Andrew:

My name is Andrew Hong, a college student at Virginia Tech.  I thought you all at SU might get a little kick out of a little game I played.

I ordered a leather armrest for my 9-3 from Roy Sances over at Saab Parts USA.  He’s a terrific guy, and I’ve ordered from SPUSA before when I blew off my rear hatch emblem from a high pressure washer.  Naturally, me being a college student, I want to cause trouble wherever I go, and wondered how attentive are the staff at SPUSA.  In the comments box during checkout, I wrote the following:

“Please draw an outline of a Saab 900 classic on the box.”  I thought it would be fun to see if anyone reads the comments box, and if someone did see it, it would be entertaining to see a quick 30 second permanent marker drawing of my dream car on the box.

So imagine my surprise when I received this:

I was completely amazed.  After emailing Roy back, I learned he spent time between packing drawing a little here and there to get this.  He used this picture on his wall from a 1979 magazine article as a base:

You can see Roy is a very good sketcher!  I’m quite pleased.  You can even see the Inca wheels on the sketch!

Saab Parts USA is a great sponsor to SU, and a great retailer for everyone, including troublesome college students.  Here’s my reaction to this:

Anyways, thought I would share this with you all to generate some amusement.  Thanks for your time!

Well, We thank You Andrew.. this mail gave me big smiles, thats for sure 🙂

But to everyone that reads this.. and are about to order from Saab USA Parts, don’t give them too much drawing work 😉

9 thoughts on ““A Little Game with Saab Parts USA””

  1. Some may recall that I wrote about my great experience buying a new 2011 9-3 XWD at Shaw Saab in Norwell, Mass., near Boston. Well, Saab Parts USA is a actually a division of Shaw Saab. It’s just a great place with great employees, plain and simple. I bought the Sweden Euro Badge from them a while ago, and it looks fantastic on “Ingrid Bergman”, my new black car.

  2. I ordered parts 2 times from SAAB USA Parts. Roy has been my contact every time. A really great guy.
    Very flexible for shipping. I also took delivery of one of my orders directly at Shaw SAAB during my vacations in the Boston area and met Roy.

    Recommend any time!

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