A Very Tired Victor’s Thoughts, Plus Words from Tim Colbeck

I’m fairly tired and I’ve only been on the periphery of this for the past few days. I can’t imagine how Victor is fairing being in the center of the storm. I hope he gets some rest. He does plan to remain involved in some capacity. Thanks again, Victor.

Though Rune posted it this morning, I feel like it needs to come back to the top of the page. Some may wonder what’s going on with Spyker. I have news of that which I’ll share when I can. In the meantime we should all stay happy that Saab will remain in Sweden, albeit with lots of Chinese money behind it.

Lyssna: Victor Muller om att Saab blir kinesiskt

Tim Colbeck also comments on the news and how he believes that this sends a strong message that Saab will be around for some time to come. Colbeck confirms Muller will remain an adviser. The part about Saab goes until 3:35.


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Very tired is probably an understatement. Victor has worn so many hats with Saab and shouldered all the blame himself very unfairly. I am glad to hear that he will stay with Saab in some capacity. This man deserves some respect when you consider how tough things got, he never once gave up and fought a tireless and thankless fight in so many ways to save the jobs of the Saab employees and a little town in Sweden that would have been in huge trouble had the worst happened…. He needs not only our gratitude and thanks, but our respect… Read more »

Peter Gilbert

Exactly. I just posted similar thoughts in The Local, Comment #4



Excellent news. Respect and a deep deep bow to Victor Muller – great job!


Thanks Victor! You have my deepest respect and I sincerely hope that you will be involved in Saab for years to come.


Great Job Muller,

You saved Saab from Gm and now from the total liquidation.

If I was the chinese I would definitive keep you with us as an “ambassadeur”, I mean you really can open doors….


Time for some jumping for Mr. Victor Muller, who made it.

Nate 9-3

Thanks VM.


We all have so much to thank Victor Muller for.
He doesn’t need our money…but perhaps, when the deal is solid and certain, all the subscribers to SU can get together to award him something symbolic in gratitude?
What o people think? I’d gladly contribute.


It would be an hounor to do so!

Peter, Sweden

Count me in! Some kind of (custom-made?) symbolic gift would be a pleasure to be part of!


I’m in.. would be nice to find a designer who would make a limited edition SU tie… Something bold!


How about some “Thank you, Victor” convoys in mid-January?

Tomas Ekberg

OT: Is there any place where u can see the latest press conference videofeed? only found radio..


I feel for Tim Colbeck. The entire environment has changed since he joined Saab – just a few short months ago. I wonder if he was specifically looking forward to working with VM and his vision for Saab.

Not counting the 9-4X from Mexico, I don’t think Saab has produced a single car since he came to Saab. I can’t image how that must feel. Hopefully for Tim and Saab – better times are ahead.


Thanks Victor Muller, that’s a great work to get the deal done.


Victor is and will be a true Saab hero!! I have nothing but deep and profound respect for him.

Victor UP!!

Toby K

After hearing that Victor personally may have lost more than 70M Euros and admitted in the end all of his time was spent on nothing else other than trying to get Saab “to a safe port” I think he deserves some serious respect.

He took them from GM, and handed them to the Chinese at great personal loss-so that they may carry on.

when you look at it like that, he is obviously a good guy that loves Saab.

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