An offer from Saab GB

What does £700 buy you these days? 500 litres of petrol?(1) Seven months of gas and electricity? (2) With iconic car maker Saab, this is what you could effectively get ‘for free’.
Available until 31st December 2011, Saab is offering two years’ free servicing on all Approved Used Saabs, saving customers up to £700, as well as the opportunity to reduce their outlays over the next two years by freeing up money that would otherwise be spent on vehicle servicing.

Matthew Bateman, Used Car Business Development Manager at Saab GB, comments: “The offer of two years’ free servicing on all Approved Used Saab vehicles comes with many benefits. Not only does the plan provide customers with worry-free maintenance over the two years; it also offers the advantage of a significant cost-saving.”
But it’s not just the cost saving that will appeal to many motorists. When it comes to purchasing a used Saab vehicle, superior service and quality are a top priority. All customers can be confident that Saab’s highly skilled team of technicians have the experience and expertise to service their cars and keep them in the best condition possible, using genuine Saab parts that are covered by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.
Customers purchasing an Approved Used Saab up to 10 years old or 100,000 miles also drive away safe in the knowledge that their vehicle comes with a comprehensive multi-point mechanical check, 12 months Saab AA Assistance and an industry-leading guarantee for a minimum of 12 months or 15,000 miles. In addition, the two year free servicing offer includes parts, labour and VAT.
For further information about vehicles in the Saab range and to find Approved Used Saab vehicles for sale, go online and try Saab’s Used Car locator at

(1) Based on the UK average unleaded petrol price on 18th October as calculated by

(2) Based on the UK average annual gas and electricity price as estimated by U Switch
For further information, please contact:

Jackie Allard
Saab PR Manager
01234 756 843 / 07775 824982
[email protected]

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North Toronto Punter

“An offer from Saab GB” — when my weary, old eyes set upon that subject line first though was: so they\re throwing hat into the ring too?
“Same Old Song…la, la, la….All we are is Dust in the Wind….” [with due acknowldgement to GerritNt]

Theatre of the Absurd, anyone…


And your point is?

North Toronto Punter

should be ” first thought was…” . See what happens when you get old!

Niklas G

The same thought crossed my mind, and when I heard today that Sony pays Ericsson 1,05 billion € for their part in SonyEricsson, my immediate first thought was that “I know EXACTLY where they should invest those 1,05 billion €!!” 😛


Good to see Saab GB being proactive. 🙂

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