AutoSocks for sale in GB Saab Dealers

We all know winter is on it’s way and here in the UK we don’t see as much snow as our Saab’s would like.
As a rule we don’t normally put winter tyres on our cars, some of us do have snow chains in readiness but there are times when we all need a small bit of help.
AutoSock is an alternative to Winter Tyres and Snow Chains which is designed to help you get out of trouble. Take a look at their site

My local Saab Dealers, Astley’s of Yeovil (01935 848314) and Concept Saab in Cardiff (02920 391200) have the more popular sizes available to buy at the counter.
Prices for the more common sizes (225×45 x17 and 235x45x17) are £64.96 including vat but they are happy to quote for other sizes.

Next time you pass your local Saab Dealer why not take a quick look.


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A quick look! Never. A looong one 😉


great idea!


Ahh, a bit of Norwegian ingenuity. Cool. However, I have put studded tires on both my Saabs already and on my bike as well, so I’m prepared for Jack Frost whenever he is up for a fight

900 classic cab

Great idea ! But on their FAQs section there seems to be a “grey area” concerning legal issues when used.


Clever! Smart product. Havent driven in snow for many years now, but that sock would have come in handy when we were driving in the swiss alps in winter, surprised by a heavy snowfall, a decade ago. To put chains on the 900 took a long time, and was not very tight, so very slowly we proceeded, eventually successful, but not everyone was doing well. Saw both cars (mostly rwd) and some trucks on the side of the road, some ven with chains. Conditions were similar to the video on their homepage, just a notch warmer with wet snow. I’ll… Read more »


I used it on my Viggen.
It was a bit more difficult to install than on regular Saabs because of the lower clearance and bigger size winter wheels.
But once you did it, it works awesome!
I used it on very steep icy-snowy roads and had no problems to control the car. Without it I couldn’t even move at all.

Peter Gilbert

In Boston you could get RED ones and keep’em WHITE in Chicago!


‘don’t see as much snow as our Saabs would like’!!!

You should try coming north of the border mate. The last two years have been like the artic up here. Thick snow and weeks of it!

My local dealer has them in stock too. Might need to have a look.


Have been reading about Maud at
Now I think these socks looks better, then first time I saw them. 😉


I can confirm they work and are worth the money although I used an alternative product and now have winter tyres on the SW. The Vert will do many less miles in winter so it will have the socks in the boot. From another Saab forum, last year by me. Vert v Range Rover v Gritter We all reached the top of the rather steep 1/2 mile hill which leads to my home, there was about 2″ of fresh untreated snow with nothing but a couple of lines of compressed stuff where fools had slid and slid down. I had… Read more »


Probably it reduces the melting of snow at the point of contact with the tires.
Less water and increase the friction force.
Great idea!

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