Car buying advice needed – the result

Two and a half weeks ago 74StingSaab asked for some car buying advice. He got lots of replies from you and it helped him, no, his son to make a decision. Now it’s time to lift the curtain and show what Rich bought:

Some words from 74StingSaab:

It’s a 2.0 Comfort. Comfort package that includes Moonroof, XM & Onstar, heated seats and high pressure headlamp washers. Parchment interior and Arctic White Exterior. Built March 2011 and displays a high level of fit and finish.

My wife, Kathy was pleased to see him select a Saab since ” Saabs are known to be very safe and I think it’s a car that displays maturity*” (*father note, well sometimes as I hear my speed warning quite often)

Rich “All the guys my age (21) have Subaru’s, VW’s and Honda’s, I want something different” He later commented “you and mom both have really nice Saabs that are powerful and comfortable”

And for myself… As a father figure I wanted the kid to choose a car that he wanted, not just a “me too car”. Needless to say I was thrilled to hear he decided this based on his own thoughts, not just what everyone else has.

Three years ago I would not have paid Saab any attention. Luckily it was that 2006 Combi Aero and SaabsUnited that changed our driveway lineup from none to three.

Congratulations Rich and welcome to the Saab community! ๐Ÿ™‚

33 thoughts on “Car buying advice needed – the result”

  1. Wow that’s really nice! My first ride was a crappy small Ford Fiesta in varying shades of blue-what a heap of junk. That Saab is a million times better, a really cool looking car.

  2. Wow, it’s one of the last Saabs made, at least from the old era. We all hope for restart of production maybe in December. If so, this Saab will still be one of the last Saabs of the pre-hibernation period.

    • Not in the US, unfortunately. I agree with you, saabworker. I live where we do not get much snow, but for those cold winter mornings I would not have a Saab without the heated seats!

  3. And a 21 year old with a new 9-3! Wish I could have had something like that. I did not get my first Saab (a new 2000 9-3) until much later. But congratulations and enjoy your car! You made a great choice!

    โ€œAll the guys my age (21) have Subaruโ€™s, VWโ€™s and Hondaโ€™s, I want something differentโ€

    Sounds like a Saab guy to me!

  4. When I was growing up in the 70s, my uncle who owned a body shop taught me that sunroofs are solid steel as they block the sun, and moonroofs were ones that you could see the moon at night. But withsunshades I think, sunroof has become a universal term.

    • For a little background on my son’s prior cars.

      The first one we bought for him, it was a garage kept, low mileage 1978 Oldsmobile Starfire. I wanted to teach him how if you end up working on the car yourself and putting not only time but a little money into it, you’ll respect the car more and not abuse it.

      In 2007 I was deployed and the Starfire was breaking down in ways beyond his ability to fix without my coaching. With my help from afar he bought the 2005 Cavalier, but kept the Starfire. We later added “Classic” plates to it and he keeps it for sunny day driving and local car shows.

      He works many hours and takes pride in his job so he decided to upgrade a little bit

      who am I to say no??

      Sunroof / moonroof… eh..

  5. Great choice, now you can ride safer, and look cooler than your friends.

    Side note, i must admit that i had an little deja vu when i saw the car:

  6. So has Rich given you a wish list of items for the Holidays?

    Hirsch grill inserts
    Hirsch carbon leather dash
    Hirsch leather door pulls
    CD smart slot
    winter floor mats
    Aero rear spoiler
    Hirsch rear bumper disfusser
    Hirsch power upgrade

    wow I could on and on…it is easier spending someone else’s money! LOL

    • Thanks Pal… But if anyone is getting Hirsch goodies, its ME!

      He already knows that I ordered him some Saab goodies to put away for Christmas! Saab Rubber Floor mats, Saab First Aid Kit.. some small goodies.

  7. Well, I guess that beats my first car, a 50 Dodge that got 50 miles to the quart of oil. I was a regular customer at the local station for gallon cans of recycled oil. Enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚

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