From the grave to the stars in 48h

The amount of news relating to Saab today are almost zero, it seems like all the people are waiting for the resolution of the NDRC on the Saab case. Yesterday some Swedish news outlets said that we may have to wait till next week, but this statement was only based on speculations, not even on rumours.

But nevertheless I’ve found an interesting article on the Czech site The contents of the article has no news to frequent SU readers as it tell what has happened since the weekend, but they have managed to compress the whole story in one picture, and because this picture tells the story so well, I wanted to share it with you.

From the grave to the stars in 48h

To describe what happened this week we could also use the scene from Kill Bill Vol. 2 where “The Bride” is buried alive by Budd, Bill brother, but manages to escape using a technique she learned from her martial arts master Pai Mei.

Any other propositions?

20 thoughts on “From the grave to the stars in 48h”

  1. Well, all the people in the picture are smiling during the ride. Could this mean they know something we don’t. Maybe the outcome?

  2. Well if they pull this one off it will be on par with escape being eaten by a carbon copy of the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal. πŸ˜‰

  3. Remember ste story around Formula one winner team Brawn GP. They were Honda, but Honda left. Leaving the team without money and they were almost closed down. But the found a way to survive in the eleventh hour, and they won the championship that year (2009).
    I think Saab has been following the same scary route this far. Now I just wait for the championship winning car; the new Castriota 9-3. πŸ™‚

  4. If we’re talking about movie scenes, everyone should be thinking more about the one where a very cold Kurt Russell has a flame thrower and some petrie dishes full of blood. There may well still be a bad guy in the room and none of us knows who it is…

  5. Just to sound one note of caution; I thought PangDa at the start of this week / end of last week claimed that YoungMan had NOT yet filed with the NDRC, but were instead still taking soundings on the deal.

    Has it actually been clarified that NDRC have the papers yet?

  6. Well, the griffin maybe needs a moderation because of all what happened lately.

    A cat would be more significant. But I am not sure that even a cats 9 lives would
    be enough for SAAB. Saab’s history is as startling as the resurrection of Jesus =)

    The picture is really nice… a real photo from a real place, that is..?

  7. If all of this works out an Saab gets things back on track then I have a suggestion.

    A few weeks ago Swade was discussing the naming of the new 900.9-3/93 or whatever…

    How about the ‘SAAB 9-3 Lazarus Edition‘?

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