Help Meg Fight Cancer

One of the longest regulars at SaabsUnited is Meg Haviland, part of the team at Beck Saab in Yonkers, New York. Meg is taking part in her first Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in two weeks, and is trying her best to make a difference against this disease. Just as we’ve done before, we’d like to extend the reach of this blog to the rest of the world and hope that the compassionate Saab community can help her make a difference with a small donation.

Meg's 900 Convertible (with signature from Victor Muller in the engine compartment!)

Sometimes we see calls for donations and think to ourselves, “Hmm, another cause…” but I have to say, I can personally vouch that the American Cancer Society is one of the most concrete and results based charity on the planet. Every year, they make incredible strides by funding alternative research projects and saving lives through early detection techniques at wiping out cancer. Please consider helping Meg make strides on her walk to raise money to end cancer too.

Click here to be taken to Meg’s Donation Page.


8 thoughts on “Help Meg Fight Cancer”

  1. Right after I type this I’m going to Meg’s donation page. But I’m using this opportunity to thank the Saab community and Saabs United in particular for contributing about 1/4 of the $9,500 I was able to raise for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute this summer by sponsoring my PMC 200 mile bike ride. We raised 34 million dollars to fund research on new cancer treatments. Not bad for a bunch of folks out for a weekend bike ride. Meg was one my earlist supporters from the Saab community.

    As a recent cancer survivor (1 year clear in two weeks!) I tell people that while I personally appreciate words of encouragment it does nothing to help save lives. Saving lives takes research and reaserch takes money. Lots of money. I encourage anybody who knows of somebody who has been affected by cancer to join Meg and others trying to help stamp out this disease by making a donation.

    • I sort of agree with you that other types needs to be lifted up as well, but that is not going to happen unless someone actually does it! And it needs to be someone who is devoted enough to spend a lot of time and money on trying to promote a foundation for it…

      If anyone does, I can promise you we’ll bring it up! because it is that important!

    • If you want to get up and go do your own fundraising event for Lou Gehrig’s disease, by all means let us know. ๐Ÿ™‚

      In the meantime kudos to Meg for this, and Coggs as well. my grandma died of breast cancer and if there’s a cure so my mom can avoid it too, I’m all for it.

  2. Meg has to be one of the nicest people I know and I value her friendship. Without a doubt she is for sure a die hard Saab fan. Most of you remember the story about my first Saabs @ Carlisle earlier this summer. Well, Meg is one of the many people who made the show so very enjoyable. I will be making a contribution also.

  3. Good day today. My P1110 error code just cost me $30 for couple of new vacuum hoses, so there’s a couple of bucks left for Meg’s good cause. Come on guys/gals, you’ll just have to frequent Starbucks a bit less this month.

  4. Thanks everyone to those that have made donations.

    Some may be tired of hearing about Breast Cancer, but I can count at least 7 women I know who have been affected who live close by. What about those that don’t tell? Multiply that by by everyone who’s on this forum and the numbers are staggering.

    Then figure all the other types of Cancer that affect others….my number is even higher. So no matter what type of disease we are talking about, every little bit helps that goes to research to help find a cure and keep a heart beating longer for those to be with their loved ones…..

    Saab up!

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