History of the SUHRT October Fest 99 Rally car

Inside ANA Trollhättan at the SaabsUnited October Fest

Just after the decision on date for the October Fest, I was given the responsibility of getting some great Saab people to talk at the Gala Dinner. First I called Stig Blomquist and Per Eklund. Unfortunately they where already booked the SU October Fest weekend. So I started to think of who I could call. Ola Strömberg of course old time swedish champion and still an active driver in a Suzuki Swift GTI and also a speaker at the Midnattssolsrallyt.

The original car driven by Ola Strömberg in Lombard RAC 1984, Photo by Keith Long

Why not surprise both him and the SU world. Why not show the Trollhättan people that there people shoving trust in the brand.

When the white 99 was picked up about a month ago

I spoke to the other guys in the team and we decided to go a head with the completion of Ola Strömbergs Saab 99 Turbo that he drove in the 1984 Lombard RAC rally in England. A white car with blueish stripes etc.
Krister Sundman and I drove one afternoon to Karlstad and bought a nice white 99 specimen that was found by me some days earlier on the internet.

That was a month ago. We all knew that it was going to be tough ride. Bo was in the US doing business so it was Krister Sundman, Micael Öberg his son Jocke and me.
Put in 4 Sparco seats so G-Partners supplied us with those. Spoiler from our friends at RP Glasfiber a exact copy of what was used on the original car. Clarion/KGK supplied great radio sound stuff. The wheels Ronals and the spoiler was sent to Birkas Car paint. Brakes here renovated by Bil & Industribromsar in Stockholm. Setrab oil coolers provided brand new stuff. All stickers where provided by our super sponsor Donna Coupe at Abshot Signs in England.
Sellholms Tuning gave us springs, Forza/Bilstein shocks. Förenade Färg color buckets. Michelin gave us great tires. Bo gave great support from his company Secrab Security research. GIK Turbo Technology gave renovated turbostuff. MapTun with some stuff as well.
Some great US, UK and Canadian sponsors gave sponsorship in the form of money, Mellowood Medical, AtomicAuto, State of Nine, Saab of Beechwwod Derby.
The guys in the team did the hard labour, and we all made it ready a day before going to Trollhättan.
In the near future we will put a nice newly renovated Turbo engine in the car.
This car could then be used for regularity rallies after we had put a VH Tripmeter in it.
So anyone wants to start competing, please contact us and we get You set up.
A really big thank YOU to all our sponsors out there in the world.
Without YOU we could not have pulled this off. But by UNITING one can make miracles.
Ola Strömberg was touched by our efforts, na I believe I can speak for the whole team and we have heard so many nice encouraging words of the way we built the car in Trollhättan this weekend.

Ola Strömberg holding on to the replica car

9 thoughts on “History of the SUHRT October Fest 99 Rally car”

  1. Looking at those replicas you imagine how rallying was back then in the 60’s – 80’s, hearing at heir stories you find out that those were crazy times, but people had a lot of fun. 🙂

  2. That is a pitty I was not able to come as I’m a great fan of Ola Stromberg, I seen it on RAC many time from 1989 to 1993 with the Beechdale 900! a so great souvenir!! It’s the only one who drive a 900 in wrc!!

  3. It sure is a fantastic tribute to old SAAB rallying. The real days was before my time, but I got a good ‘introduction’ this week-end by some fantastic people. Thanks a lot.

  4. I had a white 99 of the same vintage way back in the early 80s. Not only have they made a fantastic job of this but doesn’t the general design of the car still look soooo good after all these years?

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